1989 - Girl You Know It's True.
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March 2, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: Girl You Know It's True.

The dark side of pop-music.

During 1989's pop tidalwave, one duo would not only break the Charts ...but the industry itself. Europe's only house-pop 1988 All Or Nothing LP came and went with zero impact. Repackaged and remixed for the USA, the now iconic MILLI VANILLI Girl You Know It's True LP became the era's hottest and quickest rise to stardom.

Mega addictive MTV-hits "Baby Don't Forget My Number", "Blame It On The Rain" and top-shelf "Girl You Know It's True", rapidly swallowed the air-waves and associated dance-floors. Not a one-hit wonder but a bona fide three-hit wonder. 1989 and 1990's pop couldn't get enough of the German groove-beat machine.

The young men were having a ball, living the dream and playing along the grand show-business scheme. Yet within the tornado, an earthquake would destroy the duo's domination. Reports that Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan didn't actually sing on the LP arose and were soon confirmed by their very producer. Ironically producer Frank Farian never had to face the heat from fans and the Press ...Rob and Fab were thrown to the wolves.

In a mere year and a half, they came from indie obscurity, to teeny-bop flavor of the month be eventually cast aside by the entire industry. The playboys were shun and MILLI VANILLI were dropped from Arista Records and even stripped off their 1990 Best New Artist Grammy Award.

Pocketing rapid fame from their short-lived career, all the way into becoming the target of ridicule for decades: the RIAA-certified 6x Platinum project is an intricate inside into the dark facade of a well-kept secret: the image versus the performance. The dancers did learn to sing and released 1993's Rob & Fab CD zero impact.

RIP Rob Pilatus (1964-1998)

Girl You Know It's True = video
Baby Don't Forget My Number = video
Blame It On The Rain = video
Girl You Know It's True = full LP
Live in New Jersey in 1989
Interview in Australia in 1990
1990 scandal press-conference
Advert poking fun at themselves in 1991
Fabrice nous explique l'histoire


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