way more Helter Skelter.

October 17, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: The Smell Of Rain.

From melancholic darkness electro-pop !

Ex-EMPEROR four-stringer jumps the shark, way ahead of the pack. From his reclusive 20min+ dark dungeon ambient tracks solo-beginnings, blackmetal's initial troll now gets fully electrified.

Welcome to "Era II".

The intro-beat to "Parasite God" should warn old fans that we are now facing a software-updated beast. Right into the cutting-edge military-graded "Mental Maelstrom" electro-artwork. Get your soul sucked into the machine, like a "Spirit In A Vacuum", were female-vocals softens the ride into oblivion, courtesy of CRADLE OF FILTH's Sarah Jezebel Deva.

The impressive "Monolith" could be considered a lost NIN Downward Spiral track, while "Everyone Leaves" is another eerie keyboard-supported cry for hope. More chaotic hip is injected within as the dance-factor is strong on "Marshland" and the darkwave "Smell The Witch".

From the trashy underground Norwegian goth-discotheques to your portable CD-player, the new eclectic black-millennium is here ...elf-music is here. Even more EBM shall arise on 2004's The Grudge, the "Era III" epoch.

Mortiis (AKA Hĺvard Ellefsen), the man / the band, is a deep venture into the extremes and The Smell Of Rain synth-pop recording is a sweet offering ...just like tears of the Gods !

Parasite God = video
Mental Maelstrom = video
The Smell Of Rain = full CD

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