1979 - Overkill.
1980 - Ace Of Spades.
1986 - Orgasmatron.
1987 - Rock 'N' Roll.
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March 1, 1979 - 2024: 45 years of: Overkill.

The Iron Horse is loose.

The orgasmatronic union of MOTÖRHEAD destroys everything above sea-level. Second LP, or third if we consider the then unreleased 1976 On Parole sessions Spring 1979: the punk thrashed United Kingdom gets overkilled.

The bass-drums are rolling like giant boulders into town, as "Overkill" devastate. Pure rage and rawness stories, no excuses, just British style rebel-rock. The cool-factor hits hard on "Stay Clean" and the dirtier "I'll Be Your Sister".

Decibels rips loud-speakers apart on the lawless "No Class" and on the face-sandstorm of "Damage Case" ...1979's most rugged track. Hybrid between punk and heavymetal, the terrifying trio was now a Force Of Nature to reckon with.

MOTÖRHEAD defines the coined term: "in your face"

A mere year later, some New-Jersey headbangers would make sure the LP-title lives on, and on's the lubricunts of OVER KILL. In the meantime, the MOTÖR-attitude would get sustained with more payload: October 1979's air-raid Bomber LP.

Overkill = full LP
Live in London in 1979

November 8, 1980 - 2020: 40 years of: Ace Of Spades.

"But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever !"

Ugly, smelly and lovely. Crafters of speed and users of, these MOTÖR-fuckers are the new-school, deal with it. England again, the 1970s heavyrock explosion and later punk of 78 kept the Brits at the pole position of extremes ...and on the Seventh Day, God created 1980: the Year Zero for true Heavy-Metal.

In between the elderly SABBATH, the leathered PRIEST, the dangerous MAIDEN, the suave SNAKE and the motorcycle men of SAXON ...the terrifying trio of Kilmister, Clarke and Taylor destroyed everything, everything ! Ace Of Spades is MOTÖRHEAD's forth LP. The MOTÖR-madness started in 77, then escalated with an overkill, an assault led by a bomber, but now the rounds are real and there's no warning shot.

The dirt lifts up instantly as the grimmy bass-lick wipes the floor and opens-up the LP. This title-track alone is heavy enough to initiate a geomagnetic-reversal, none shall survive this brutal assault. The drums explodes into a H-bomb while the guitars sand-blasts it's way a mile around and Lemmy arrives and delivers adrenalized-rocknroll. Blunt, vile and deadly addictive, they draw the first card out of the pack: the "Ace Of Spades". The one-stop shop for teenage angst and rock-rebellion, packaged into a 2:48sec slab of some of the finest rawness available. This is just track #1, dya think you'll make it thru homeboy ?

Fear them !

Not a single second to rest, as the A-riff of "Love Me Like A Reptile" bursts in and annihilates anyone / anything left standing. While the term heavymetal wasn't yet widely used, the sound was forever immortalized on killer jabs like "Shoot You In The Back", the speedster "Fire, Fire" and the C-4 explosive "Bite The Bullet". From trio to a full family-affair, hear the homage for the MOTÖR-staff on "(We Are) The Road Crew".

The heaviness reaches biblical proportions on the pounding "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch", a vicious 360° attack, while the album's closer pins you down into nothingness with a massive deafening stroke of "The Hammer"

There's loud ...and then there's MOTÖRHEAD LOUD !

1981's No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith live meltdown LP is an hostile exhibition in a hostile environment. The Odeon turned into a warzone of bikers, punks, leather, jeans, spikes, switchblades and gutter-attitude. This alpha-male mojo has followed the band until their very end in 2015.

40 years, 40 fucking long years of grime, dirt and cranium splitting hardcore-rocknroll. It's not only about the music, it's about a way of life, it's an attitude. An outlook on life and one's destiny, fueled by the high-octane rock included within.

MOTÖRHEAD's Ace Of Spades, the iconic "fuck you" in rocknroll's illustrious history.

"...and don't forget The Joker !"

RIP Phil Taylor (1954-2015)
RIP Ian Kilmister (1945-2015)
RIP Eddie Clarke (1950-2018)

Ace Of Spades = video
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch = video
Ace Of Spades = full LP
Interview in 1981
Live in Belfast in 1981
Ace Of Spades documentary DVD
Happy 40
Lemmy's tone explained by Lemmy

July 14, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Orgasmatron.

Orgasmatron: the dirtiest record ever put to tape ?
We tend to think so !

Even if the infernal trio of Kilmister + Clarke + Taylor was and shall always be remembered as the classic lineup, back in 1982-83, the wheels were falling off. Losing Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal, meant that it was time for a rebirth: a new MOTÖRHEAD uglier, grimier and dirtier MOTÖRHEAD !

Changing of the guards: not one, but two guitarists where summoned, Phil Campbell and Würzel ...and also joining the pack was new hard-hitting drummer Pete Gill. All three gents were already featured on the new killer 1984-cut, the Hells Angels-anthem "Killed By Death".

One of the greatest metal video ever:

Freshly signed to new label GWR, 1986 brought us the monster that is known has Orgasmatron. Rocknroll, heavymetal, thrashmetal or plain Motör-metal, this LP stands as MOTÖRHEAD's fastest, loudest and most relentless record to date.

The heaviness within reaches biblical proportions as the acid guitar-tone rips your face off, the rumbling bass-tone rips your face off, the sick vocals rips your face off and the Earth-shattering drums rips your face off. Never though it could be done, but the über abrasive Orgasmatron even puts the untouchable Ace Of Spades out-of-commotion in the aggression-department ...and I challenge anyone who states otherwise.

From the slimy overdriven bass intro of "Nothing Up My Sleeve", to the brutal riffing of "Mean Machine", to the fuck-you attitude of "Doctor Rock", to the speedmetal pace of "Claw" ...Orgasmatron is 35-fucking-minutes of pure orgasm for the senses. Quick note on Gill, hate to say this but at that point in time, he was filthier than the Animal himself !

Even though the band's popularity was in limbo in face of the commercially successful hardrock and thrashmetal movement of the time, the unstoppable massive British freight-train shall not be threaten by the MEGADETHs, SLAYERs and EXCITERs of the moment: this is Lemmy's game !

Still today, the mesmerizing title-track stands as one of heavy-metal's best piece, ever. The skull-crushing rhythm, matched by the grandiose lyric-set delivered in a narcissist way, elevates this song as one of the genre's greatest. Orgasmatron: speed for the eardrums !!!


Orgasmatron = full LP
Interview in 1986
Live in Detroit in 1986

September 5, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Rock 'N' Roll.

Still jaw-breaking and gut-wrenching.

After 1986's Orgasmatron freight-train LP, the abrasive quatro of disaster strikes back with a title that encapsulates the very essence of their mission. In the mid to late 80s hardrock explosion, MOTÖRHEAD is the sole band from the previous generation that still rages like a British bomber.

The opening statement "Rock 'N' Roll" is the State Of The Union Address. Loud drums, loud guitars, loud bass and loud attitude is not safe to go outside. The ball keeps on rolling on "Blackheart" and the speedmetal feline of "The Wolf".

A hard blues backbone rhythm supports "Traitor" while the Lem blesses us with some crude crunchy driving bass-line with the LP's closer, the nightshifter of "Boogeyman".

The single for "Eat The Rich" attacks without mercy, get them and cook them alive, while the blazing hardrock cross-country "Stone Deaf In The USA" is an homage to the band's love for the Red, White & Blue.

Another perfect day, let's pull out the Ace of Spades: the return of Phil The Animal Taylor. MOTÖRHEAD is rocknroll, either rocknroll likes it or not. In an iron fist, the pride, passion and power shall be back, in the new tide-changing decade, with 1991's war telling 1916 CD.

"Eat it Baby, eat the rich !"

RIP Michael Burston AKA Würzel (1949-2011)

Eat The Rich = video
Rock 'N' Roll = full LP
Interview in 1987
Live Swiss TV in 1988


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