1988 - Straight Outta Compton.
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August 8, 1988 - 2023: 35 years of: Straight Outta Compton.

The genesis of Gangsta-Rap.

Los Angeles in 1988: on one side of the track, the pretty glam hardrock of West-Hollywood was filling arenas and ass-kicking to a tee. And diametrically on the other side of the track, down the dark-lit alleys of the dirt-poor neighborhood of Compton, another type of ass-kicking was brewing the underground. N.W.A.'s hardcore chaos was bound to happen.

"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge."

The war-cry "Straight Outta Compton" is the anthem that pushed the boundaries of hiphop, into a bloodbath. Led by crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube, from the gang called NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE. No warning shot as Cube, Ren and Eazy slays and says it real. One of hiphop's fiercest song, raw and un-filtered punches a mere 4:19sec, the game changed.

The now beloved open-carry AK-47 stays warm on "Gangsta Gangsta", the massive beats of "8 Ball (remix)" and the extra hard thick-bass of "Dopeman (remix)" ...all filled with ruthless attitude. The low-riding vibe of "Parental Discretion Iz Advised" rides through Alondra Boulevard while the unison Ren + Dre duo of "Something Like That" is a collection of fine slick rhymes.

Caught between the Bloods and the Crips, a common enemy: the L.A.P.D.

The now iconic controversial and crowd-favorite "Fuck Tha Police" is the first of a long line of head-butting with the authorities. Bred from the decades-long inner-city oppressions, the lyrics are set to express despair and inequality between the black and white versions of the law. Calling it out loud and proud, N.W.A. didn't backed out, they fought back with words and facts. The blunt impact is imminent, a social / political changing of the guards is in motion. Anthropologically, one of rap's most quintessential tracks. The other cop rebel-repel would be in the form of Ice-T's 1992 BODY COUNT "Cop Killer" midnight revenge.

The NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE are composed of these three now cultural-icons:
    - the lyrical genius of: Ice Cube
    - the dope beats of: Dr. Dre
    - the street slickness of: Eazy-E
    ...the other posses includes DJ Yella's wheels of steel, the Arabian Prince's rhythm and MC Ren's shout-outs.
The hiphop game started on the East-Coast, but now the West-Coast was ready to pop like a 9mm ...the birth of the Second Wave Of Hiphop. From Police brutality, to drug-dealin', to social-awareness, to actual guns and accepted party mayhem, N.W.A. rocked the hood like no one else. Los Angeles was already home for hardrock, but now, more than ever, everybody knew where Compton was on tha map. Bringing more hard-stuff and more aggression to the genre, this new abrasive mix had a name: Gangsta-Rap.

Sadly, shit would hit the fan during the tour and by late-89, pen-powerhouse Ice Cube would bail-out and go solo. AmeriKKKa's most wanted would slay hard while the remaining of N.W.A. would comeback with 1990's 100 Miles And Runnin' EP. In a string of "Fuck yous" this war would transcend to tape, initiating another signature-move in the genre: Diss-Tracks.

In current times, from boys in the hood to actual Hollywood, so hip, that a 2015 movie bio-pic displayed all the destructive dirt and decadence. Extra mojo, as the band is now part of the Rocknroll Hall Of Fame legacy. These cultural-icons are finally forever immortalized.

Straight out of Compton, these young men not only shouted at the devil, but inadvertently created and pushed hiphop into the doors of mainstream. RIAA-certified 3x Platinum, America was being highjacked by N.W.A. cool that even the FBI took notice !


RIP Eazy-E (1964-1995)

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