1998 - Oceanborn.
2002 - Century Child.
2004 - Once.
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December 7, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Oceanborn.

Becoming symphonic.

Caught between Norway's blackmetal and Germany's powermetal scenes ...Finland's got an Ace Of Spades up it's sleeve. Slowly getting traction from their 1997 Angels Fall First debut-CD, NIGHTWISH would now forever lay the foundations for this new scene: Symphonic-Metal.

Cellos up the game, as we look deep into the dark skies along the "Stargazers". Powermetal fuelled by Tarja Turunen's strong octave angelic voice, this is a classy lethal-mix. The slick piano drives both "Gethsemane" and "Sacraments Of Wilderness" into rock-opera territory.

At the lake-side, the beautiful "Swanheart" sets the mood to epicness and diametrically the arena-rock flair of "The Riddler", with it's EURYTHMICS-synths, sends the decibel-meter into oblivion. Proud metal-muscle are flexed on "Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean" and the fast-jabs of "The Pharaoh Sails To Orion".

Pure pristine candlelight castle metal-magic ...a vision brought to us by keyboardist / writer Tuomas Holopainen.

In this ever changing scene, NIGHTWISH was now a force to reckon with. During the following calendar-years, many (many many many) bands would soon spring out of the woodwork, all featuring a front-women lead-singer. They are our sin and their grandiose might would bloom furthermore with 2000's Wishmaster CD.

Sacraments Of Wilderness = video
Sleeping Sun = video
Oceanborn = full CD
Interview and TV performance in 1999
Live in Finland in 1999

May 24, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: Century Child.

Suave, seductive symphony.

After the initial three releases by the fantastic Finnish, enter major-label Universal Music and now the globe can finally taste the sweetness of NIGHTWISH. At the very tail end of the 90s, powermetal welcomed female-frontwomen and morphed into: symphonic-powermetal. The 2000 iron-fist inside a velvet glove Wishmaster CD was the turning-point that leads into this new monolith: the Century Child.

The beautiful built-up of "Bless The Child" sets the mood to a cool metal feast. Blasts into the infinity of the "End Of All Hope" where all the elements goes all the way to 11. Piledriving-power and slick vocal melodies. Keyboards and catchy rock-riffs drives "Ever Dream" beyond and "Ocean Soul" after forever.

Tarja's voice is used to it's full potential on the epic "Forever Yours" powerballad, while the immortal 1909-novel to 1986-orchestral classic "The Phantom Of The Opera" shines high above and features the band's new wild-card: on bass / vocals Marco Hietala.

After the 90s metal-drought, Europe would strikes back with more power and more metal then ever. This new millennium would cement the powermetal signature and it's accompanying symphonic-powermetal genre. Holland but especially Finland and Italy would be leaders in this new heavymetal fashion-race. The crowning 2003 live End Of Innocence DVD / CD package documents the band at the top of their craft.

NIGHTWISH would deliver perfection, one last time, with 2004's Chart-topper Once CD ...before the split with Tarja, the end of and era.

Bless The Child = video
Century Child = full CD
Interview in 2002
Live in Finland in 2003
some duo

June 7, 2004 - 2024: 20 years of: Once.

The final curtain.

On the very top of melodicmetal's misty mountain, the symphonic NIGHTWISH was riding high on 2002's Century Child CD. Yet while inner band stress was kept under tight wrap, they still managed to release a red-hot Chart-topping record.

Powerful powermetal blasts-off as we open the "Dark Chest Of Wonders". The magic keeps on pouring with both singles, the arenarock "Wish I Had An Angel" and the mesmerizing dream-like "Nemo". Headbangers gathers on the "Planet Hell", frolicking through those "Dead Gardens" ...all metal-united for a dynamic "Romanticide". Diametrically, chants and choirs are dominant on the cinematiclly beautiful "Ghost Love Score" 10min+ chronicle.

This superior-rock is supported by the revered London Philharmonic Orchestra, as they provide harmonization to elevate this monumental work of art. Euro Billboard #1, Platinum and Gold-certification in several countries, the NIGHTWISH power-house is a force of nature.

Now even though Tarja announced in mid-tour this would be her last record with the band, in a unprecedented move through an open-letter, all four musicians agreed to prematurely remove her from her role on the final tour-date. The appropriately titled 2006 End Of An Era CD / DVD set, documents the band's last show with Turunen.

Splitting their fan-base in half, the quintet continued, with new front-women Anette Olzon, presented on 2007's Dark Passion Play CD ...a new chapter.

Wish I Had An Angel = video
Nemo = video
Once = full CD
Interview in 2004
End Of An Era = full DVD
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