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May 24, 2002 - 2022: 20 years of: Century Child.

Suave, seductive symphony.

After the initial three releases by the fantastic Finnish, enter major-label Universal Music and now the globe can finally taste the sweetness of NIGHTWISH. At the very tail end of the 90s, powermetal welcomed female-frontwomen and morphed into: symphonic-powermetal. The 2000 iron-fist inside a velvet glove Wishmaster CD was the turning-point that leads into this new monolith: the Century Child.

The beautiful built-up of "Bless The Child" sets the mood to a cool metal feast. Blasts into the infinity of the "End Of All Hope" where all the elements goes all the way to 11. Piledriving-power and slick vocal melodies. Keyboards and catchy rock-riffs drives "Ever Dream" beyond and "Ocean Soul" after forever.

Tarja's voice is used to it's full potential on the epic "Forever Yours" powerballad, while the immortal 1909-novel to 1986-orchestral classic "The Phantom Of The Opera" shines high above and features the band's new wild-card: on bass / vocals Marco Hietala.

After the 90s metal-drought, Europe would strikes back with more power and more metal then ever. This new millennium would cement the powermetal signature and it's accompanying symphonic-powermetal genre. Holland but especially Finland and Italy would be leaders in this new heavymetal fashion-race. The crowning 2003 live End Of Innocence DVD / CD package documents the band at the top of their craft.

NIGHTWISH would deliver perfection, one last time, with 2004's Chart-topper Once CD ...before the split with Tarja, the end of and era.

Bless The Child = video
Century Child = full CD
Interview in 2002
Live in Finland in 2003
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