1989 - O.F.R. (Out Fucking Rageous)
way more Helter Skelter.

May 30, 1989 - 2024: 35 years of: O.F.R. (Out Fucking Rageous)

Over the top !

At the tail-end of Sunset Strip's worldwide domination, there still was some excesses. From rocknroll to rockernroller, West-Hollywood is under fire by a blast of NITRO.

Fast !
...and loud, like a mutherfuckkin' "Freight Train". This roaring machine of steel is rolling through town with hardrock steam-rollin' power. Blazing guitar-lead and sky-high blazing vocals courtesy of Jim Gillette, this lethal potion is to be handled with extreme care. Heading for metal madness, facing "Double Trouble", while the slick powerballad of "Long Way From Home is a cool addition.

Faster !
At lightning speed, into overdrive we ride as "Machine Gunn Eddie" shouts away at the competition, while the "Bring It Down" Tazmanian-devil speed attack leaves us in awe. Yngwie Malsteen on speed and King Diamond on high, the band is NITRO and destruction is their middle-name.

Shredding 1-way, 2-ways and even 4-ways ...World, please welcome into the arena of hardrock, the fastest and wildest player under the sun: Michael Angelo Batio.
For your review:
Truly out-fucking-rageous and glass-breakin' xxxtravagenza, yet sadly, the saturated 1989 scene already had enough of big hairs and spandex-rock. In glam reluctant 1992, NITRO would blast again with H.W.D.W.S (Hot, Wet, Drippin' With Sweat) CD.

Freight Train = video
Long Way From Home = video
O.F.R. (Out Fucking Rageous) = full LP
MTV interview in 1989
Live in Detroit in 1989
Did Jim Gillette really break glass with his voice

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