1997 - Be Here Now.
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August 21, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Be Here Now.

The Kings of the Third British Invasion.

First there was THE BEATLES, then there was DURAN DURAN and in the mid 90s ...came OASIS. In the post-grunge era, all references were blurred, one band got back to the basis of rocknroll. After their 1994 Definitely Maybe debut CD and 1995's RIAA-certified 4x Platinum powerhouse (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? CD, the stakes for their third record was at an all-time high. The UK street-date release was even forwarded to prevent inbound US imports.

The opening 7:43sec single-cut mammoth "D'You Know What I Mean ?" is a blunt rock monument. The bottom-end guitars, the orchestration, the flanging-effects, the morse-code and Liam's mesmerizing gnarly vocals are at peak performance, 1997's best rock song, bar-none. The impressive video was shot at London's Beckton Gas Works, yes the very same location scenes from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket was shot a decade earlier.

The house is brought down to the ground with loud melodies, as the title-track "Be Here Now" stomps with pride. Trashing away with the indie-rock vibed "My Big Mouth" and "I Hope, I Think, I Know", while the melodic slide-guitared "The Girl In The Dirty Shirt" is sure to please the FM-masses. Posh elite-rock is found on the ethereal "Magic Pie" and the epic "Fading In-Out", while all of the elements goes into overdrive on the closing-track "All Around The World (reprise)", a cut that could've been featured on Sgt. Pepper.

This is an unmistakably British record by a mature British rock-band. Sitting on top of the mid 90s rock food-chain, OASIS had the hairdo, the sound, the signature and matching egos to fill arenas worldwide with high-quality alt-rock.

OASIS are the Kings of Brit-Pop, bar-none !

Somewhat of a disappointment, the BPI-certified 6x Platinum and RIAA-certified Platinum Be Here Now CD crowns the short-lived Brit-Pop movement. The Manchester mega monster would return in a very different rock-landscape with 2000's Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants CD.

D'You Know What I Mean ? = video
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