October 13, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: The Years Of Decay.

Can you feel the fire ? are you still under the influence ? 'coz OVER KILL are taking over !

Hello from the gutter, as the New Jersey-boys finally hit the everlasting sough after Grand Slam ! Album # 4 in the ethereal year 1989, a collection of some of the best thrashmetal releases known to man, and OVER KILL is at the pole-position. The Years Of Decay stands in front-line with the other premiere thrashmetal classics of: Alice In Hell, Beneath The Remains, Universe, And Justice For All, Nothingface and label-mates TESTAMENT with their Practice What You Preach LP.

The perfect thrashmetal album ?
We tend to think so !

Exhibit A:
The aggression reaches Mach IV on "Time To Kill" were hate takes a new metal-meaning. The opening thunder and riff sets-in has Blitz yells the apocalyptic "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh !!!" The mid breakdown-part is heaviness redefined and slowly snakes around to finally climax again with the main burst-o-energy riff. Genius !

Exhibit B:
The killer punchy hit in "Elimination". The riff, the sing-along chorus, the power-chord bridge, the melodic-lead, the speedmetal-lead, lyrics about dying and overall MOTÖRHEAD-attitude ...is there anything this song CAN'T do ?

Exhibit C:
"Skullkrusher" were BLACK SABBATH Volume 4-era goes thrashmetal. The mammoth downtuned riff is Godzilla on Valiums, while the totemistic drums keeps the clock in check. The thick quicksand swallows you into oblivion, slowly but surely as you grasp your last breath, then the mid upbeat-part makes way and leaves room for Gustafson's blistering lead-work. Iconic !

Exhibit D:
Heaven is found on the title-track, the grandiose "The Years Of Decay". Full classical-guitar verse and melodies throughout the 8min epic. The bombastic drums turns this song into a mosh-pit frenzy at the 2:55sec mark. Back to beauty in darkness at 5:02sec before the catatonic finale at the 6:26sec point of no return. Majestic-metal... thrashmetal's "Stairway To Heaven" !

Exhibit E:
Speed, hate and Armageddon AKA "E.vil N.ever D.ies". They never did and they never will. After the sonic-echoed intro, every elements of the band goes into overdrive. Fast-paced riffing and matching drums, this is OVER KILL's fastest and raunchiest song ever written. Verni's commanding distorted-bass takes full control at 2:51sec and explodes into the off-tempo part. The deadly guitar-tone crawls back at 3:50sec, pumping more adrenaline into this perfect-system. 4:25sec point: speed, speed and more speed as it leads us into another eardrum bleeding lead-guitar frenzy. Un-fuckin-paralleled musicianship !

Exhibit F:
Every other God-damn tracks of this hot opus. Extra mojo for the bass-guitar licks on "Nothing To Die For" ...hail D.D. Verni !

Bargaining with gasoline, The Years Of Decay is a Royal Flush of thrashmetal drums, thrashmetal guitars, thrashmetal bass and thrashmetal vocals, wrapped in thrashmetal production and vibe. In-your-face East-Coast suburban thrash with Euro-powermetal influenced vocals, all delivered with DIY-stamina ...there is none higher, none. The perfect thrashmetal album, a pinnacle in the genre, the gift that keeps on giving for a life-time of headbanging enjoyment.

Unfortunately this would be the last union with creative guitarist Gustafson as he would be let go later after the tour ...the door was now open for the rebirth of OVER KILL 2.0 with 1991's Horrorscope CD.

Still rotten to the core, 30 years have passed and The Years Of Decay is still worshipped by OVER KILL fans and blue-collar fans of the genre. Rumor says that this album was the catalyst for PANTERA's Dimebag Darrell guitar-tone for the upcoming Cowboys From Hell sessions ...would you agree ?

Elimination - video
Full LP
Live in 1990 at the Trocadero
some guy

September 3, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Horrorscope.

Today's horoscope: one of the last classic-thrash record of the era.

In the history-books, American thrashmetal has always been a West-Coast thang. Still under the influence, after the 4 decaying-LP explosion of the initial Bobby Gustafson era, changes happened and we welcome to the arena: guitarist Merritt Gant and second guitarist Rob Cannavino ...the upgraded and fatter OVER KILL 2.0

Intro and death. Fall into a "Coma", deep yet fully alive, this is another lesson in violence. This metal-sickness is "Infectious", a punchy and massive attack. Tuned to D, this gang used to say "Fuck You" as they now politely shouts "Thanx For Nothin" !

The center-piece of the album: your personalized "Horrorscope". Verni's 8-string bass-intro sets the doom-switch to the On-Position and the Terry Date produced guitar-tone hammers you with mid-paced SABBATH-worshipping ton-like down-picking. OVER KILL are in the zone, one of thrashmetal's shiniest moments.

New-school and old-vibe is taking over, this "New Machine" is the best unit in true blue-collar thrashmetal ...the Big Four who ? And the Edgar Winter's genre-defining "Frankenstein" reprise displays an updated classic in a metal-format.

During the torment of METALLICA's million-selling genre-redefining Black Album CD, the OVER KILL-ers were now, some of the last men standing. East-Coast and extreme, the Jersey-boys would later come back from the underground and below through the 90s, with some wide fucking open undiluted killing kind thrashmetal.

Horroscope = video
Thanx For Nothin' = video
Horrorscope = full CD
Interview MTV in 1992
Live in Pennsylvania in 1991


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