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September 7, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Actually.

The second, Second British Invasion.

Post DURAN DURAN and DEPECHE MODE, after 1986's debut Please LP, London's most lovable pop-duo now hits on all four corner of the dance-floor. Melodies and grasping grooves, there's a hot new business in town: the PET SHOP BOYS.

New newwave explodes on "One More Chance". Primal beat and commanding vocals, there's no reason to resist. Right into the beautiful "What Have I Done To Deserve This ?" and the red hot cash-burning spending spree of "Shopping". Upbeat craziness of "Hit Music" electrifies every nerve, while the calming soothing delivery of "Rent" brings us safely home.

The countdown is initiated, all cylinders glows as the hypnotic "It's A Sin" blasts into orbit. Pure magic in a bottle. Neil Tennant's deep introspective lyric set sets an uneasy mood, that we can all relate to. The melodramatic intertwining melody lines and upbeat keyboard tempo, made this cut an international phenomenon. The ultimate pop Mea Culpa.

From romantic-pop to full dance-music, the PET SHOP BOYS possesses a signature imbedded with Chris Lowe's posh synths and Neil's high vocal acrobatics. This new sensation was displayed on 1988's It Couldn't Happen Here full motion-picture adventure.

New ring-leaders in the scene, the fashionable boys will hit back, stronger than ever, with 1988's Introspective LP.

It's A Sin = video
What Have I Done To Deserve This ? = video
Heart = video
Actually = full LP
Interview in France in 1987
It Couldn't Happen Here = movie trailer
Always On My Mind = video

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