May 23, 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Look What The Cat Dragged In.

Ladies & Gentlemen: here's the Rocknroll State Of The Union Address !

West-Hollywood in 1986, the EPCOT Center for rebelious-rocknroll and after the first wave of MÖTLEY, W.A.S.P. and RATT ...and before the unskinny bops and the thorn-less roses ...there was the glamoured-up street-rock attitude of Bret, Bobby, Rikki and C.C. ...hardrock's deadliest poison !

Wipe that tear off little girl and "Cry Though" slides it in and sets the pace that would turn it's ugly head on "I Want Action". Long legs and short-skirts, sex-rock in the 80s, nothin' but a good time, satisfaction all night. Mosh on "Play Dirty" and kick serious ass on the metal-track "Look What The Cat Dragged In". Xxxtra attitude is fully exposed on "Blame It On You" and the party never stops as you "Let Me Go To The Show" ...badassery to it's breaking point !

Kinkiness reaches a new level on the Rocknroll State Of The Union Address: stand up and "Talk Dirty To Me". The simple punky C-D-F#/G riff is all you need to get some. And just like Sunshine Of Your Love, Smoke On The Water and Iron Man, this simple riff is an instant call of the wild. Now the PMRC had something to whine about.

The cat did drag in the RIAA-certified 3x Platinum plateau along and our #1 bad boys were ready to follow into the VAN HALEN rock debauchery footsteps. The second wave of party-rock / glam-rock is now official and ready to take over the air-waves and de-flower pop-culture. Round Two would arrive with the gigantic 1988 Open Up And Say... Ahh ! hit-machine LP.

I Want Action = video
I Won't Forget You = video
Talk Dirty To Me = video
Look What The Cat Dragged In = full LP
Video in 1984 before C.C.
Interview in 1986
Live MTV in 1987
Live at MSG in 1987

Sunset Strip Los Angeles 1988: the genesis of American hardrock and the nucleus of the glamrock movement of the 80s.

From censored to uncensored, no one better encompasses "Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll" than POISON... ok maybe MÖTLEY and GNR, but Bret and the crew are prettier, and pretty close. Their riffs, their hairspray, their looks, their attitude and eventually their ego left a red-lipstick mark in rock history.

From poor to Platinum, this second album is focused and locked & loaded with memorable FM hits and heavy grooves that still makes the masses move. From the opening track "Love On The Rocks" to the incendiary "Look But You Can't Touch" and "Back To The Rocking Horse" to the heart warming "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" ...everybody had "Nothin' But A Good Time"

This is a full blown party with all excesses combined and you're all welcomed inside, so just: Open Up And Say... Ahhh !!


June 21, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Flesh & Blood.

Everybody's favorite poison.

Four East-Coast poor bluesed boys ruling in the promised land, AKA Hollywood in the rebellious rocknroll late-80s, the excesses known as: the Sunset Strip. After 1986's glamorous debut Look What The Cat Dragged In LP to the 4x Platinum RIAA-certified and one of hardrock's most cherished exhibition of lewd and rude content, the Open Up And Say …Ahh ! LP …these pretty bad boys where on a roll for world-domination.

Bret, Rikki, Bobby and C.C. are hated by boyfriends/brothers/dads and uncles America-wide and have been with your sister more than a few times from what I'm told. Harley-runnin', stripper-bangin' and hard-rocknrollin' is their 9-to-5 ! And now with round #3, the explosive Flesh & Blood CD, some more asses were about to get kicked/banged by the lethal ones.

The party starts strong with the opener "Valley Of Lost Souls", where not an inch is spared, while the mature title-track kicks-back with a heavy guitar-riff reminiscent of the great AC/DC-catalog. The personal gentle ballad "Something To Believe In" is pure bottled tears and follows a great track-record of iconic 80s MTV-powerballads.

More hardrocknroll is displayed on "Don't Give Up An Inch" and "Ball And Chain" were the boys shows-us more meat to their bone, see what I did there ? inch - ball - meat - bone …ok move along.

Now the candy-ass "Unskinny Bop" is by no means a musical tour-de-force, no, but when you wanna rock and when you wanna boogie, just press-play and do it. Sleazy lyrics from a sleazy band led by a sleazy frontmen, "Bop" did leave a mark in the hardrock history-books, just like some of their previous works along "Talk Dirty To Me" and "Look But You Can't Touch"

The live-CD "Swallow This Live" from 1991 is four cowboys on a road-rage rampage, though at release-time C.C. DeVille was already out of the band after a string of events/tensions. POISON are an intergral part of the great American 80s hardrock-revolution. From A-to-W, from AEROSMITH (their revival) to WINGER, the clock never stopped for these rebels, and most of the scandals you've heard are true. Sadly after a decadent decade of deadly decibels, a scene migration and fan-taste change sat rock-music on a different path, courtesy of the Seattle-movement of late-1991.

One last thing, being in an arena with loud hardrock-fans in 1990, filled by mostly screaming young ladies, is one hot feeling that any rock-fan should live, as it epitomize the adolescent-attitude and forever-freedom we all clinge for, I felt it, I was there.

Unskinny Bop = video
Ride The Wind = video
Flesh & Blood = video
Something To Believe In = video
Full CD
Release party
Interview in 1990
Live in 1991
AMA in 1991
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