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June 12, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Predator.

The muscle-movie of 80s muscle-movies !

Arguably the great Arnold Schwarzenegger was THE tough-guy machine-man of the decadent decade. From Conan to Terminator to Commando, it's all muscles, all droid, all guns ...all action-packed hot blockbuster hits.

And now, more guns.
The ultimate hybrid between Rambo and Aliens, 1987 brings forth, from outer space: the Predator. On a rescue-mission deep into the Brazilian woods, the small crew faced heat and guerillas and something in the trees. One by one, swat-members get killed for sport, by the then unknown invisible laser-yielding assassin ...the mutant hasn't faced his fearless human-counterpart, yet. But before the inter-galactic fist-fight, a lot of bullets, submachine-guns, grenade-lunchers and the so portable M134 minigun. Complete listing here:

And now, more muscles.
Arnie leads the expendables and he brought his Commando-buddy Bill Duke along. Big boy Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves and eventual script-writer Shane Black are also in the gang. Fully present is operative Rocky-enemy-turned-CIA-agent Carl Weathers. This elite platoon is rounded by real-life US Navy UDT and WWF superstar Jesse "The Body" Ventura, for extra attitude.

And now, more one-liners.
Probably the army-movie containing the most rebuttals and one-liners ever, here are some samples:
    - I ain't got time to bleed.
    - You're one ugly motherfucker.
    - Bunch of slacked jawed faggots 'round here, this stuff will make you a God-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus ...just like me.
    - GO !!! GET TO THE CHOPPER !!!
    - There's something out there waiting for us and it ain't no man.
    - Payback time !
    - DILLON ! you son of a bitch (visually the most explosive 0:08sec in 80s action)
Tense filled suspense and stealth killings, featuring hints of Nam, hints of The Thing and a whole lotta heavy punches. PREDATOR is the Mother of jungle mania thrillers. The franchise would continue with more stand-alones and eventually (xeno)morph with the ALIEN-franchise in the new millennium.

"Come on in you fuckers, come on in ......ol' painless is waiting."

RIP Kevin Peter Hall AKA The Predator (1955-1991)
RIP R.G. Armstrong AKA Major General Philips (1917-2012)
RIP Sonny Landham AKA Billy (1941-2017)

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