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May 14, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Rude Awakening.

Thru cleansing, they proved us wrong.

From a NYHC background, a mature decade later, this trio is now the future of metal. Catching up steam with 1991's Prove You Wrong CD, they were now at the pole-position for new-metal. This unit were snapping fingers and snapping necks and by 1994's Cleansing CD just couldn't look away !

Top production is instant on "Controller", another side of the now-trending groovemetal term. Downtuned and down to business, no riff opportunity is left aside. More oomph is added on "Caprice" and "Face Value" as keyboards and industrial-flair adds interesting layers of dark textures. The impressive catchy title-track force feds into the album, along the mosh-pit welcomer of "Mansruin" and the DYI-vibe of "Innocence Gone"

PRONG are the alternative to thrashmetal and American-metal as a whole, a futuristic hybrid between both genres. Produced by Terry Date and touring with WHITE ZOMBIE, TYPE O NEGATIVE, LIFE OF AGONY and PANTERA ...oh the glorious 90s and PRONG were in the zone. PRONG: one of the initial atoms of nümetal.

Sadly, thru changing rock-agendas, the band was dropped from their major-label deal and faded into nothingness, guitarist Tommy Victor appearing with DANZIG and drummer Ted Parsons tagging with GODFLESH ...all until a revival with 2003's blunt millennial-metal rebirth Scorpio Rising CD.

RIP Paul Raven (1961-2007)

Rude Awakening = video
Rude Awakening = full CD
Interview and live in 1996
Live in the parking-lot in 1996

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