1987 - Yo ! Bum Rush The Show.
1988 - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.
way more Helter Skelter.

February 10, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Yo ! Bum Rush The Show.

Are you ready to raise the roof ?

NYC, Ground Zero for the hiphop movement. After the Adidas wearin' RUN DMC and the party fightin' BEASTIE BOYS ...a new street revolution is at your doorstep: PUBLIC ENEMY's social-rap is here !

Drop the needle and rev it up as "You're Gonna Get Yours" slides in. Deep bass rumbles the "Sophisticated Bitch" and the "none-believers gets to know what time it is" on the underground grooves of the explosive "Timebomb".

"Too Much Posse" is where to-become hype-man icon Flavor Flav sets the pace to 11 on the Richter Scale with a massive freestyle punch, while Chuck D takes us to school on the hardcore "Rightstarter". This is not a drill: "Testing 1 - 2, testing 1 - 2, the house is now on fire" the piledriving trendsetting "Raise The Roof" beats the crowd down into submission. Turntablism is the new game, watch, listen and learn from hand-master: Terminator X.

Rick Rubin overviewed and Bomb Squad produced, the RIAA-certified Gold Yo ! Bum Rush The Show LP, opened The Gates and set the bar sky-high for the upcoming generations of MC's and players to fight the power. Do believe the hype, the S1W protected ENEMIES shall strike back, bigger, badder and louder with 1988's It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back LP.


Yo ! Bum Rush The Show = full LP
Interview in 1987
Live London Invasion Tour 1987

June 24 ,1988 - 2023: 35 years of: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.

The quintessential voice of hiphop.

After the dark 1987 Yo ! Bum Rush The Show LP aural assault, our beloved posses fights the power, with more grit, groove and godly beats. Pushing the message with a louder voice, time to hit again believe the hype: PUBLIC ENEMY are the new shit.

Considered yourselves warned as the "Countdown To Armageddon" send chills until the bass drops on "Bring The Noise". The hyperactive blast would later get a new life of it's own with the P.E. + ANTHRAX trendbending crossover-collaboration. Mixed with metal, the hot "She Watched Channel Zero ?!" features SLAYER's "Angel Of Death" back-tracking for extra support.

Flav hits hard on "Cold Lampin' With Flavor", while on the wheels of steel, the almighty one spins it to the max on "Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic". Here's more rough beats on "Louder Than A Bomb" and the hittin' raps of the "Prophets Of Rage", while "Don't Believe The Hype" might be 1988's best urban ass-kicker.

It'll take a nation of millions hold them back.

At the pole-position and RIAA-certified Platinum, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back LP is the new standard for later hiphop acts to build upon. Smart rap, it's an East-Coast thang you couldn't understand ...just months before the game would forever change by some gun yieldin' Police fightin' West-Coast niggas with attitude.

"But we ride Limos too !"

Let's fight with more power, keep the beat in check and bitch-slap the scene ...the next 9-1-1 revolution would arise with 1990's terrordome Fear Of A Black Planet CD.


Bring The Noise = video
Don't Believe The Hype = video
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back = full LP
Interview and perfomance in Holland in 1988
Fight The Power Live = full VHS

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