The greater New York City area, very late-80s, homeland of SUFFOCATION, MORTICIAN and IMMOLATION ...some of the most brutal American deathmetal bands. And from Long Island, comes another ugly player that would breakaway from the genre: PYREXIA

1993's Sermon Of Mockery CD is violent slab of deathmetal, mixed with hooks and that bloody US-deathmetal signature-growl. 1995 brings us an updated band with the updated Hatredangeranddisgust MCD, featuring new frontmen Keith DeVito. A new vibe is found as groove is inserted within. The troubled 1995-96 deathmetal era is plagued with massive changes: both legends David Vincent and Chris Barnes left their respective throne, while ENTOMBED were now a deathpunk garage band. It was now time for a new tide of deathmetal to rise: slam-deathmetal.

1997's System Of The Animal CD digs deep trough the NYHC roots as PYREXIA goes real hard-core. Not only by their skinhead-looks, but by the raw street energy included. Picture a bastard mix of PANTERA's Vulgar Display Of Power with CANNIBAL CORPSE's Butchered At Birth ...yes it's that strong !

A Louis Farrakhan hate-speech is used as an intro to "Confrontation" and is then called by DeVito's humongous voice. Punchy riffing and lethal hooks, this is CBGB-style slam-metal. All muscles flexes on "Downsized" were more riff-raff is exposed courtesy of guitarist Chris Basile.

The title-track grinds away with full stamina, while the dirty downtown-brawl "Unscathed" turns the moshpit into a human-shredder. The vicious brass-knuckle face-breaker "Day One" is the song EXHORDER never wrote.

The second-wave of American deathmetal was, once again: an East-Coast thing. Acts like SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, BROKEN HOPE, PYREXIA and later MORTAL DECAY and SKINLESS, all had groove, grit and some level of street-flair. The new-school was taking over the deathmetal-dinosaurs of Tampa by storm.

PYREXIA have over time, been a revolving-door of musicians in the DM-scene. Guitarist Guy Marchais would switch from SUFFOCATION to PYREXIA and back to SUFFOCATION. Other key-players includes bassist Chris Richards and drummers Doug Bohn, Justin DiPinto and MALEVOLENT CREATION's Dave Culross. Keith DeVito would go on with the supergroup CATASTROPHIC and later singing with INTERNAL BLEEDING.

Hail NYDM !

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