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August 22, 1997 - 2022: 25 years of: Sehnsucht.

Welcome to the house of horrors.

The Berlin bastards hits a Grand Slam. After 1995's trendsetting Herzeleid CD supplied the goods, new extremes and controversies with 1997's RIAA-certified Platinum Sehnsucht CD would solidify the band has a key-player in this hip-metal 90s signature. Hail the almighty RAMMSTEIN !

Crushing jack-hammers pummels on cue with the "Sehnsucht" title-track. Razor-sharp guitars, bottom-end bass and tight drums, this is the formula. The haunting "Engel" is pure poison fed with a spoon, suave angelic female-vocals by Bobo and devilish delivery by conductor Till Lindemann.

The fun steps-up on "Bestrafe Mich" with wicked melodies, while the audacious "Spiel Mit Mir" is a snake slowly choking it's listener. Pushing the envelope and everything in between, the penetrating track "Büch Dich" would be fully displayed live on the accompanying 18+ explicit performance. Raw and undulated.

The addictive hooks of "Du Hast" with it's eerie keyboards, have since blessed the dance-floors around the globe. The single would present the band a nomination for MTV Europe's Best Rock band for 1998.

This ain't no disaster, the mechanical RAMMSTEIN sat the scene afire, bridging the American streetmetal vibe with Euro industrial beats, wrapped in underground flair with arenarock dynamics. Touring on 1998's Family Values tour along KORN and LIMP BIZKIT, the US market was now securely infected. The band would slice the scene again with 2001's millennial metal Mutter CD.


Engel = video
Du Hast = video
Sehnsucht = full CD
Interview in 1997
MTV Europe Awards in 1998
Live Aus Berlin 1998

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