The speediest speedmetal of all speedmetals.


While 80% of thrashmetal/speedmetal bands where watered down to mere heavymetal and/or absorbed into alternative/prog elements in 1990, Canada's RAZOR sent another Grade-"A"-Fuck-You-Hey to the world by releasing the speediest speedmetal of all speedmetals !

Terrorizing the underground since 1984 with quality heavymetal, it is with 85's world-renown Evil Invaders that the Guelph quartet became: true speedmetal ! Ripping everything insight with aggression and power, but by the end of the 1988 Violent Restitution album/tour cycle, personal tensions where heating-up and the time had come for a needed change behind the microphone.

Enter new (and still current) screamer Bob Reid. When you though the music couldn't' get faster, couldn't get more aggressive, couldn't get more hard-core ...here comes 1990's blood-splattered-riff-tornado-melt-your-face instantly: Shotgun Justice !

The fastest speedmetal album of all time.

40-minutes of destructing speed with strong hooks and street-level creds, courtesy of Reid's punk-flavored vokills. Meanwhile, the riff department was full-house, you couldn't shoe-horn another note in there. Step aside Hetfield, Hanneman, Ian, Petrozza and Mustaine ...here's some REAL palm-muting.

You will not survive this assault.

While thrasmetal challenged hardrock, RAZOR challenged thrashmetal itself and in 1990, RAZOR where the band to be challenged against. Sadly, the changed rock/metal landscape, shady record-deals and internal conflict torn the band apart and by 1992 they were no more. In the heavymetal history-books, RAZOR stands tall along other countrymen ANNIHILATOR, VOÏVOD and SACRIFICE representing Canada on the globe.

On a personal note, having played Toronto's Opera House with my band back in 1996, I was thinking the whole time: guitarist Dave Carlo was on this same stage some 6 years ago (see vid below)

POW !!!



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