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August 16, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: Mother's Milk.

Suck on these !

From the city of The Angels comes the spicy beast known as the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Hard, alternative, hip, groove, boogie and definitely funky, the PEPPERS have been hitting the world on the head since 1983. This same year in this very city, there was also the explosion of the blooming hardrock scene of West-Hollywood ...yet the fearsome foursome wanted none of it's flair, glitz and clichés.

Part rock guitars, part freestyle drums, part funk bass, part hiphop vocals and all fun, these colorful shenanigans were put to tape and nourished a distinctive niche crowd that eventually became a Grammy-winning and Platinum-selling act. Album Number Four, 1989's monstrous Mother's Milk is a fully matured rock band, that also solidified the new-metal movement that lurked at the turning of the decade. FAITH NO MORE, LIVING COLOUR, 24-7 SPYZ and PRIMUS to name a few, where considered the new breed and hope for hardrock's future, everything was setting-in ...until Seattle changed the face of music in late-1991

The good times kicks-in with the opener "Good Time Boys" a loud hard track that gets every parts of your body into a frenetic motion. The trumpet shuffle found on "Subway To Venus" is a clear rhythm and blues influence and the energetic "Magic Johnson" is as energetic as the big man himself. The addition of Jimi Hendrix's classic "Fire" is a nice bonus to pack the house, while "Knock Me Down" possesses an infectious heavy beat, peppered with Flea's infectious slap-bass, an instant-hit !

Still the Stevie Wonder reprise of "Higher Ground" remains the LP's stand-out track. Still present in the band's current set-list "Higher Ground" became the PEPPERS's own with it's lethal dose of raw-ness and high-octane stamina.

These young mans are healthy, hungry, angry and ready for rock-stardom. Everything was set and stardom came with their follow-up 1991 multi-Platinum Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD ...yet the madness started right here in it's infancy ...with sweet Mother's milk.

Higher Ground = video
Knock Me Down = video
Mother's Milk = full LP
Interview in 1989
Live on Letterman in 1990
Live at Pinkpop on 1990


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