Revenge Of The Ninja.
way more Helter Skelter.

September 7, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: Revenge Of The Ninja.

It's US-bound.

After Detective-mania and Scifi-mania, America now comes under the athletic spell of: Ninja-mania. Ancestral in native Japan, this hyperactive craze would become the flavor of the month in drive-by cinemas and ensuing home-video in the blooming early 80s US-market.

After his entire family gets butchered, Cho finally decides to rebuild and live State-side. Undisclosed to him, his double-crossing business partner would be involved in heroin-smuggling with local mafias. Defending his faith and breaking the forever-seal, his revenge would be a grandiose bloody warfare.

Starring Master of the art Sho Kosugi, his life-long training and expertise incarnated a unique realism to the explosive action ...and he brought his 6 year-old son along. After Bruce Lee and before Jackie Chan, Sho Kosugi was the man behind the mask. Revenge Of The Ninja is filled with murders, high-flying kicks, special weapons and furious fun ...a true 80s-signature.

This invasion started with 1981's Enter The Ninja ...and would conclude with the final death on 1984's Ninja III: The Domination. Although commonly cited as a trilogy, all three movies are not historically subsequent to one another ...they are not sequels ...they are not canon.

This new action sub-genre would commercially follow with the popular mid to late 80s Michael Dudikoff led American Ninja franchise ...and the teen targeted sugar-coated: Karate Kid franchise.

"Only a Ninja, can stop a Ninja." - Cho Osaki.

RIP Mario Gallo AKA Caifano (1923-1984)
RIP Professor Tanaka AKA Sumo (1930-2000)
RIP Virgil Frye AKA Lieutenant Dime (1930-2012)
RIP John LaMotta AKA Joe (1939-2014)
RIP Grace Oshita AKA Grandmother (1925-2017)

Revenge Of The Ninja = movie trailer

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