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July 17, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: RoboCop.

The future of law-enforcement ?

High crime in decaying Detroit, privatized security and militarized police-force ...sounds dystopian and far-fetched ? In a weird twist of fate, 2022's actual Detroit is now ...Delta City.

The metro-region and it's executives are governed by O.C.P., a capitalist corporation hell-bent on security and building the smart-city of the future. Out on the field, the local police department is ruined to the ground, while O.C.P.'s answer would be in the form of their cutting-edge cyborg-officers.

Newly transferred optimistic recruit, Alex Murphy gets shot and killed by a drug-gang on his very first day assignment. Saved in-extremist, his mind is transferred into this 6' titanium-armored body. Fully programmed to uphold the law 24/7/365, RoboCop is the answer to clean the slums of Detroit.

When sci-fi and street-reality meets. Action-packed with guns and personal vendetta, RoboCop is synonymous with the 80s muscle-movies boom ...yet this time, muscles are powered by steel pistons. This now immortal classic is not another Terminator, since deep within his data memory-bank, Murphy has a soul.

Saving the day with pride and a smile, the future of RoboCop would include an extensive array of toys, video-games, sequels and obliviously ...the eventual millennial reboot.

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me !"

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