Rosemary's Baby.
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June 12, 1968 - 2023: 55 years of: Rosemary's Baby.

The cult is alive.

During the mid 60s counterculture, another phenomenon was taking traditions by storm. Following Anton Lavey's 1966 Church Of Satan founding, this new counter-counterculture would find adepts in the most wild places of society: Hollywood.

The lovely couple of Guy and Rosemary moves into their new Manhattan apartment. They quickly get adopted by their elderly neighbors: The Castevets. Time passes by and all is fun under the sun, until Guy's acting-career get's a surprise boost of interest. Happily in love, the young couple make plans for their upcoming addition.

After a hazy night of unwilling sex, poor Rosemary doesn't feel right, yet the evil seed is in and born in June 1966, this in-human boy is the anti-Christ. Occultism, Faustian-bargain and secret cults, Rosemary's Baby is a dark, yet somewhat realistic reflection of the unorthodox libertarian LSD-filled late 60s.

Based on Ira Levin's novel, the filmed horror adaptation was hatched by controversial producer Roman Polanski. Little did he knew, a full year later, real-life horror would knock on his door, as the Manson Clan would decimate his family and surroundings on his remote Beverly Hills mansion.

Filmed at New-York's The Dakota Apartments, this posh place would sadly later take another dark turn into pop-culture: 1980's John Lennon murder.

Controversy from head to toe, Rosemary's Baby would be one of the top draw, in this new genre, this new evil-worshipping genre that would bend Catholicism onto it's knee in the 70s: The Exorcist and The Omen.


RIP Sidney Blackmer AKA Roman Castevet (1895-1973)
RIP Ruth Gordon AKA Minnie Castevet (1896-1985)
RIP John Cassavetes AKA Guy (1929-1989)
RIP Maurice Evans AKA Hutch (1901-1989)
RIP Ralph Bellamy AKA Dr. Sapirstein (1904-1991)
RIP Charles Grodin AKA Dr. Hill (1935-2021)

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