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October 12, 1987 - 2022: 35 years of: Forward To Termination.

Canadians on speed !

1987: the last year for speedmetal yet the supply-chain was still fully well fed. After 1985-86 stalwart thrash / speed releases worldwide and 1985's Torment In Fire LP, like a razor, the infernäl SACRIFICE pounded the scene like an anvil.

A wild whirlwind tornado of riffs attack on cue with "Forward To Termination" and "Terror Strikes". Some of the fastest and most raging aggressions on Earth. The mosh gets bloodier on "Flames Of Armageddon" and on the gripping "Light Of The End".

WWIII energy melts on the closer "Pyrokinesis" and the headbanger fast of "Afterlife". The video-cut for "Re-Animation" did get Canadian airplay, proving that this band was the most serious act out there in this rabid scene.

Second opus for this terror from Toronto, the race was on. Sadly with limited marketing from Diabolic Force Records, the album was only and underground hit ...but has since benefited from a revival since the band's reformation of 2006.

The boys would rapidly mature and set the bar higher with 1990's pristine progressive smart thrashmetal Soldiers Of Misfortune CD.

Re-Animation = video
Forward To Termination = full LP
Interview on MuchMusic in 1987
Live in Saint-John in 1987

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