February 12, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Saigon Kick.

Hardrock's not dead, it just when South.

Where SKID ROW pushed the low-end heaviness in hardrock with their 1989 debut Skid Row LP, another self-titled debut LP would also kick more un-kicked asses. Enter Florida's SAIGON KICK and their abrasive Michael Wagener produced debut album.

The bombastic tribal intro of "New World" sets the vibe and the louder and crunchier opening track "What You Say" breaks down walls on cue. The metal-vibe is afire on "What Do You Do" and "Suzy" and the headbanging "Acid Rain" and "Month Of Sundays" shall keep the front-row alive.

The band's primary influence is evident on the BEATLE-esque "My Life", while the powerful vocal unisons of "Colors" takes a hint from the almighty LEPPARD-catalog.

Wrong place at the wrong time and don't call them a glam band. 1991 is sadly the last year for arenarock, as by autumn, the crowd had move to new alternatives. SAIGON KICK are one of the last US band to provide some of hardrock's esthetics matched with a modern cutting-edge metal-sound. They will step-up and strike back in 1992 with The Lizard CD, before disintegrating.

Remember that it's always a party in 'Nam: Hanoi rocks and Saigon kicks !

What You Say = video
Saigon Kick = full CD
Interview in Japan in 1991
Live in Denmark in 1991


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