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February 16, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Berzerk 2000.

From blackmetal to dark altrock ?

Sweden is as hot as ever. Following their 1996 Travelling In Ancient Times debut-CD, the evil blackmetal creative duo of SCHEITAN provided above and beyond the call of duty. Less black, more rock. Could anyone had ever foreseen a mix of DIMMU BORGIR ...with THE CURE ?

Darkness engulfed, under a black rainy sky, put your "Raincoat" and walk out through the graveyard. More rebel-rock powerchords rings aloud on "Exitways", whereas female tragic serenades makes an ethereal appearance on the ghostly melancholic "Sad To Say". Not your average Scandinavian-signature, from morbid-metal to morbid-rock.

Separated in Two Acts: the second-half is a blazing feast of fire.

Snowy mountains of might, turns into Armageddon, as the Mach IV speed of "Bombraid Over Wastelands" rips through the stereo. Hateful screechy vocals attack the title-track "Berzerk 2000" and the album's closing-cut, the black beast from beyond: "The Scheitan".

Leaving the blackmetal arena aside, this unique unit would fully bloom into more UK-newwave incorporations, from indie Invasion Records their final creation: 1999's Century Media Records Nemesis CD.

RIP Oskar Karlsson (1976-2016)

Berzerk 2000 = the First Act
Bombraids Over Wastelands

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