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January 23, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Stick It To Ya.

Las Vegas, the city of all sins including world renown rocknroll-massacre: SLAUGHTER !

The backline of ex-KISS slinger Vinnie Vincent, singer Mark Slaughter and experienced bassist Dana Strum wanted to be more than just part of a "solo-project". Now paired with guitarist Tim Kelly and drummer extraordinaire Blas Elias, the rocknroll new-kids were aiming for the big slice of the pie.

After the commercial successes of the glamorous 1985-to-89's hardrock excesses, the question remained: was there any room left for improvement and innovations ? comes more dynamics and dynamite !

The album opens with the 101% ass-kicking "Eye To Eye" that connects to the heavy and sweaty heart-pounding "Burnin' Bridges" ...this fresh band doesn't brake for nobody. "That's Not Enough" and "She Wants More" reaches out of your loud-speakers and puts the spotlight on the rocknroll party.

The fast-paced "Loaded Gun" is a single-bullet head-shot killer, while the power-ballad "Fly To The Angels" is pure magic in a bottle. The beautiful melodies and Mark's heavenly voice captures the essence of real arenarock. To witness it live is a God-send, I know, I was there.

Now KISS has "Rock And Roll All Nite" and SCORPIONS has "Big City Nights", we now get the mega-hit bass-thumpin' heavyrock-anthem "Up All Night". The formula's the same, yet the boys still bring some revamped attitude to the table. With heavy MTV-rotation, this one made SLAUGHTER a household name and still today is part of the array of hardrock's golden hits that epitomize the glorious 80s decade.

The companion Stick It Live EP is a fine bonus and displays the explosive energy the boys had on stage. And once again, Mark's vocal performance cannot be touched.

While a little late to the party in 1990, along with some 1991 exceptions, Stick It To Ya is one of the last real vintage Sunset Strip-vibed hardrock record. Along fellow rebel-mates FIREHOUSE, LOVE/HATE and TRIXTER, they did rock the house one last time and did capture a loyal fanbase, just before the changing of the guards courtesy of Seattle's flannels in late 1991.

RIP Tim Kelly (1963-1998)

Up All Night =video
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Spend My Life = video
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Interview in 1990
Live on Arsenio Hall
Live in 1990
Live ABC's In Concert in 1991

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