August 28, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: Iowa.

You are wrong, fucked and overrated, I think I'm gonna be sick and it's your fault.

The new breed, a new kind of hate. The mid-90s post-grunge era was a tornado of twisted sights and sounds and nothing rhymes more with twisted sights and sounds than Des Moines's own creepy circus: SLIPKNOT !

After the initial shock of 1999's eyeless self-titled debut CD, our lovely recidivist would step-up, tag again along Ross Robinson and give nümetal a new state: Iowa !

Simple math is explained on the opening-track as in "People = Shit". Annihilating the current scene AKA the Mansons and the Bizkits in a single brutal verse, these clowns actually means business !

A deadly pit-favorite in "The Heretic Anthem" and this whole experience ends in a total "Disasterpiece". New metal armed with deathmetal-tricks as "The Shape" goes for the throat for an instant kill as "Everything Ends". Pure rage, fear and hopelessness in darkness ...this is Blair Witch metal !

It's been a while since thrashmetal left the way wide-open for groove-metal, and now, the end of the decade was totally entangled by the KNOT. Pushing a new breed of high-stamina shock-rock into more than a million homes the Red, White & Blue. Spreading the disease, one mask at a time. Iowa ...not only a US State ...but a statement in the extremes.

If we're 555 then they're 666 !

RIP Paul Gray #2 (1972-2010)
RIP Joey Jordison #1 (1975-2021)

Left Behind = video
Iowa = full CD
Interview in 2001
Live on Conan O'Brien in 2001
Live in 2001
Disasterpieces = full VHS


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