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September 25, 1999 - 2019: 20 years of: The Chainheart Machine.

Lovely Sweden and it's rocknroll hooligans there anything they can't do ?

Between oldschool deathnroll monsters ENTOMBED and before current horrormetal arena-fillers GHOST, SOILWORK were the shit ! More accessible then EDGE OF SANITY and more aggressive then HAMMERFALL ...SOILWORK are the ultimate hybrid between all of the above, and more.

The mid 90s were deadly to deathmetal, the run had taken it's course, but in 1996 these Swedish boys came about, injecting fresh new blood and eventually released their impressive 1998's Steel Bath Suicide debut-CD. The fans and the press rapidly caught on, but the real deal was put on tape with their second hot offering 1999's now classic Eurometal release: The Chainheart Machine.

The CD opens-up with a looped mechanic-sample and the intense title-track bursts and all hell breaks loose. Riffs, rhythms and Björn Strid's sick mid-range hardcore / deathmetal vocals takes the torch and runs away with it. "Bulletbeast" follows-up and warms-up the room even more. Track #3 the energetic "Millionflame" is a fine example of melodic-brutality in modern-metal.

The driving riff to "Generation Speedkill" is like a chainsaw straight to the chest, while "Possessing The Angels" is one of the greatest Swedish deathmetal-songs NOT written by ARCH ENEMY. The heavy start-stop riff of "Room No. 99" closes the record with another in-your-face knock-out punch.

The dawn of the new millennium was a rich and interesting time, has new young players incorporated oldschool vibes with cutting-edge technologies ...all of this before the Internet blow-out of the Year 2000. The Chainheart Machine is just that: fierce thrash / death with classic powermetal melodies all fueled by Scandinavian angst ...if you miss the glory of Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious, your prayers have been answered !

Some countries are lucky to have a healthy metal-scene and some countries are even luckier to have not one but two healthy and influential metal-scenes. While the traditional deathmetal circle was set around 1989 in the Stockholm area with ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and UNLEASHED, the melodic-death brotherhood of 1995 from the Gothenburg area was blessed with AT THE GATES, DARK TRANQUILLITY and the inextinguishable IN FLAMES.

How can one country kick so much ass, what are you feeding these boys ?

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