"Extreme" = going to great or exaggerated lengths.
"Sound Intensity" = the power carried by soundwaves per unit area in a direction perpendicular to that area.
"Extreme Sound Intensity" = STRAPPING YOUNG LAD !!!

THE MOST blunt and sonically powerful metal release ever in the recorded history of mankind. First there was the Big-Bang, then there was electricity ...and then there was the genius that is Devin Motherfukkin' Townsend !

Creator, singer, guitarist, studio-guru, madmen and overall funny guy: Dev is SYL and SYL is Dev. Discovered by 7-string hero Steve Vai, Devin sang and toured with VAI and quickly went solo. This new project has a name, fear them: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD ...and they became one of modern metal's fiercest force to be reckoned with !

The late-90s were heavymetal's darkest times, at that point most traditional 80s bands had dissolved and/or tamed-down to mere rock-commodities. Ironically, this also meant a time of rebirth for the beast, a time for experimentation, a time to shine and re-invented the genre as a whole ...and from outta fuckin' nowhere comes SYL: THE MOST insane band with THE MOST insane record ever released !

Angst-wise, while the 80s had thrashmetal, the early-90s had deathmetal and now the late-90s had STRAPPING: THE MOST devastating metal band on earth, and hey, they're fuckin' Canadians ! The perfect hybrid between thrashmetal, deathmetal, industrialmetal and everything nuclearmetal is right here, right now, under one roof, in your fuckin' face !

Your eardrums shall never be the same, ever !

Picture this:
- take the fastest of CANNIBAL CORPSE
- alongside the guitar-tone of FEAR FACTORY
- mix the future-sounds of MINISTRY
- ad the heaviness of OBITUARY
- inject the viciousness of early KREATOR
- packaged with the pounding rhythms of RAMMSTEIN
...and you might, I said you might, get somewhat lukewarm close to the whirlwind sonic-madness that is the LAD's unstoppable 1997 massive deconstruction of: City !!!

Your eardrums shall never be the same, ever !

The insanity opens-up with the hammering wall-of-sound that is "Velvet Kevorkian" where Dev let's loose on is everyday shits and then the sound pressure level pumps-up to 1000dB with "All Hail The New Flesh" of THE MOST intense heavymetal track EVER. The full package: speed, rage, aggression and some cursing ...and this is only song #2 ...I'll see you pigs in hell !!!

OMFG another tidal-wave in "Oh My Fucking God" where all the elements of Mother Nature goes into overdrive, in one single verse ...and get high with the serious palm-muting nirvana performed on "Detox", another violent no-shit-taken track. The beat starts here = on song #5, "Home Nucleonics", where drum-god Mister Gene Hoglan re-writes the book on modern speedmetal drumming ...makes SLAYER's Reign In Blood sounds like the fuckin' BEE GEES !!!

A much needed breath of air is felt in the first 0:44sec of "AAA" and then Dev stomps on your balls while shouting "No one fucks with MEEEEE !!!" ...and the gigantic raging "Underneath The Waves" swallows you into a quicksand-motion of metal-maelstrom of cataclysmic dimensions. "Room 429" is a fine cover. It displays Devin's other vocal-range and is the only time the band slowed the tempo down on this 40mins impressive onslaught. The closing song "Spirituality" thrust you deeper into the migrained mind of Dev/SYL ...a track that could've easily been packaged for NIN's The Downward Spiral.

Your eardrums shall never be the same, ever !

Recorded at The Mothership, also known as Steve Vai's tool-shed and engineered by Swedish metal-master Daniel Bergstrand with the finest technological availability of 1997, City is the atomic explosion of the following particles: Devin Townsend (vocals & guitars), Jed Simon (guitars), Byron Stroud (bass) and Gene Hoglan (drums).

While most of the scene and most heavymetal bands where whimping-out in the mid-90s to either hiphop or alternative flavors, the adrenalized antidote that is STRAPPING YOUNG MOTHERFUKKIN' LAD reminded us why testosterone, Explorer-shaped guitars and high-gain amplifiers goes oh so well together.

This goliath opus was released in 1997 and has not yet been matched by any other bands, nor it shall ever be matched by any other bands ...this is the end of the line ! These extremities would later be exclusively surpassed on subsequent SYL offerings, but the genesis of this hideous/lovely metal-Frankenstein that is SYL was delivered right the fuck here, in this very City !

NB: "City" refers to the City Of Los Angeles.

Thank you Steve for giving that A&W-clerk a chance, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

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