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March 3, 1998 - 2023: 25 years of: Rising.

Get in the ring, time to snap some necks !

The United States in 1997-98: the lame alt post-grunge era and the teen mall-punk invasion ...Atlanta's rapmetal act STUCK MOJO wanted none of this weak shit. After their 1996's Pigwalk CD, this forthcoming explosion showcase more metal, more balls and more grit ...all of this before SYSTEM OF A DOWN's debut.

Da lethal mix is back: NY-hardcore elements with razor-sharp Bay-Area guitar-tone, all voiced by a southern hiphop MC ...fuck yeah and fuck you !

Jump around, "Crooked Figurehead" is pure nitroglycerin, high-stamina modern-streetmetal. The following "Trick" doesn't let go, not even for a single-second ...this is the rawest of S.O.D. riffing with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE revolutionary vocals: the recipe for war. Behold the "Assassination Of A Pop Star" an exhibition of power in this Glock-crazy America while the gathering of "Enemy Territory" and the crude "Throw The Switch" are the best tracks PANTERA never wrote ...yes they're that good.

Remember the raw 1998 WWF -vs- WCW war for ratings ? Well an unannounced wildcard was put on the bill with this now iconic accompanying video. DDP, Raven and his Flock ...with motherfuckin' STUCK MOJO in the same squared-circle. Wrestling + Metal = Rising, in one of the coolest video ever:

The 1999 live-release HVY1 is one of the era's most flammable concert. Tone and torque, step aside Family Values, the Rising-tour was the event to witness in a sweaty mosh-pit. STUCK MOJO are America's much needed hybrid trendsetters of the mid-decade.

Nümetal was dominated by you know who, but in all honesty, nothing against KORN and LIMP BIZKIT, but it's a miss-match. A message to the Press: if you're going to coin the term "Rap-Metal" please have the expertise to label bands that include actual genuine "METAL" elements.

Filled with shenanigans, the MOJOs are a perfect example of shattered rock-boundaries, uniting the most volatile genres of hard-shit, all under one roof. There goes the neighborhood again on 2000's Declaration Of A Headhunter CD.

Rising = video
Rising = full CD
Interview in 1998
Live in Providence in 1998
HVY1 = full live CD

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