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August 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Sven Gali.

Serious Northern ass-kickin' !

No need for L.A. surf and West-Hollywood glamour to get the best of loud rock in North America. On the 401, drive pass Toronto and you'll reach Hamilton, home of Canada's baddest badasses: SVEN GALI.

"Look at me, in the eyes !"

The opening track and leading hellraising single "Under The Influence" is the perfect pile-driving force of Mother Nature. The dust lifts of the floor with the thrashy "Sweet Little Gypsy", the ravage of "Stiff Competition" and the punk-feel of "Freakz". Still up to eleven, the gang crashes more decibels on the clock defying "25 Hours A Day" and the loud attitude of "Real Thing". More street metal-riffing and powerful vocals shouts at the devil on the second video-single "Tie Dyed Skies" ...these boys are on a rampage.

The obligatory major-label prerequisite also features the heartfelt powerballad "In My Garden" and the lovely classical-guitar campfire of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore".

Timing is everything. If this bomb would've been released in 1989, the global hardrock-scene would've probably been aware of this lethal weapon. But sadly, during the late-1991 and 1992 geomagnetic rocknroll tide-change, from hardrock to alternative, SVEN GALI's fate was sealed long before the record was even released. Yet with pushing from MuchMusic and fellow Canadian rockers, the CD eventually reached the CRIA-certified Gold status in 1993.

Their next and final move would spring with 1995's groovemetal Inwire CD, where yet, the rock-scene had again changed for something new, sadly not hardrock.

RIP Dee Cernile (1966-2012)

Under The Influence = video
Tie Dyed Skies = video
Under The Influence = full CD
Interview in 1992
Live in the MuchMusic Environment in 1993

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