August 1986 - 2021: 35 years of: Metalized.

God damn we're stoned again !

A beautiful hybrid between American hardrock and British heavymetal, made in La Belle Province. Fearless and Frenchy, this Quebec quartet brought hard rawknroll with cranked to 11 amps.

The mammoth-tall "Stoned Again" pummels to the ground, with it's thick bass-line, while the killer hooks of "Evil Spell" should have been showered with worldwide metal-praise.

More potential arenarock anthems with "Where To Hide" and the giant "Children Of Heaven". A couple of fast-cuts flexes more muscles like "Outta Control" and the NWOBHM influenced "Runaway".

Released in August of 1986 in a sea of L.A. bad-boys and speedmetal-freaks, SWORD had the skills, SWORD had the sound, but sadly being on independent Canadian label Aquarius Records left the actual record a far reach from it's US key-audience.

It's a long way to the top if your want to rocknroll, but the boys will be back, more mature with record number two: 1988's stealth night-hawk Sweet Dreams LP.

Let it roll ...follow these wheels as SWORD are in kommand !

F.T.W. = video
Stoned Again = video
Metalized = full LP
Interview on MuchMusic in 1987

Sweet Dreams


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