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April 5, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Powertrippin'

Robust-rock from Scotland's finest.

A little late to the party, yet better than their US-counterpart of the same era. 1993 is far from being an open-buffet in hardrock, but a handful of acts managed to keep the flame alive through the alternative-tornado. The United-Kingdom, home of classicrock slaps the scene with THE ALMIGHTY.

The "Addiction" sludge-riff wipes Seattle within the first four-bars. Heavy and menacing, 1993's best rock / metal cut you've never heard. The loudness kicks-up to eleven with the cut-throat "Possession", while the garage-rock mammoth "Lifeblood" is the pulse, this scene desperatly needs back.

The AC/DC-ish "Over The Edge", the DISCHARGE-ish "Powertrippin" and Ted Nugent-ish "Instinct" proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this band wears hard-rocknroll proudly on their sleeves. Both monster powerballads: the crescendo of "Jesus Loves You... But I Don't" and the melancholic darkness of "Out Of Season" are FM-worthy, yet might be too sinister for the family-safe mainstream crowd.

Following 1991's non Sunset Strip ass-kicker Soul Destruction CD, these blokes upped their game, song-writing and attitude-level. Sadly under the rock-radar, as per their geolocation and 1993's global commercial disregards for meat and potatoes hardrock, this left THE ALMIGHTY sitting way, way behind in the backseat.

Bastard-child between the SEX PISTOLS and BLACK SABBATH, this raw unit of clever rebel-arenarock never takes "No" for an answer. The bad-boys shall return, bader then ever with 1994's super super-charged Crank CD.

Addiction = video
Out Of Season = video
Powertrippin' = full CD
Interview and live in Milton Keynes in 1993

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