October 18, 1985 - 2020: 35 years of: Love.

A British rock-band you know it's good !

From the ashes of DEATH CULT, the nucleus of singer Ian Astbury and guitar-player Billy Duffy joined up and crafted THE CULT. After 1984's neo-punk Dreamtime LP, the game was on. Fuller production, bigger sound and wider ideas, 1985's Love LP is the rock-album most rock-bands wish they could accomplish. Don't get distracted by their glamorous videos and romantic looks, let the true darkrock vibe take you away, where rebels and gypsies congregate to loud-music all night long.

Dive head-first into the up-beats of "Nirvana". An instant crowd-mover as the bass rhythm shoves you around into submission. The guitar cuts like a knife and slashes into the monstrous title-track, the shinny diamond not carved by AC/DC.

Take a trip into the sundown on the eerie "Brother Wolf; Sister Moon", while the melodic and heart-warming "Revolution" reeks shades of 60s-psychedelia. Get back home-safe and rock hard along "The Hollow Man" and rock harder with "The Phoenix", where Mr. Duffy becomes the ultimate ringmaster on top of the rocknroll-mountain.

Signature-track #1: One of England's best rock song, ever. Once again, simple is the key and rocknroll is the game. Still today, this one remains one of the band's most cherished anthems. The echoed guitar opens-up, the commanding bass-line divinely delivers and dark rocknroll swallows you alive. The epic "She Sells Sanctuary" is not only the essence of rock, but the back-bone of one of the best English band.

Signature-track #2: When it "Rain" it pours. This is a perfect trashy rock-cut, the simple verse, the repeated chanting chorus, the reverbed guitars and Astbury's memorable melody-line. This infectious vibe is raw, groovy and nerve-damaging. This heavy soaked chorus will haunt you for life: Here comes the rain !

35 years ago, in an new-wave infested scene, these boys didn't follow the easy road behind DEF LEPPARD or WHITESNAKE, they got high and took rocknroll deeper into uncharted territories.

4 years apart
3 different albums
2 creative forces
1 single band

The immortal trilogy, from the gothic vibes of 1985's Love LP, to the biker-rock of 1987's Electric LP to 1989's blunt mastodon Sonic Temple LP ...THE CULT is a glorious British rock-band !

RIP Nigel Preston (1963-1992)

She Sells Santuary = video
Rain = video
Revolution = video
Full LP
Interview in 1985
Live on Top Of The Pops in 1985
Live at The Ritz in 1985

Time to kick-ass !!!

1987 is THE year for real barebones hard rocknroll. Some of you have probably heard some of these following Platinum-selling mega-hit rock-machines: Appetite For Destruction, Girls Girls Girls, Permanent Vacation, Whitesnake (1987) and the universal Hysteria ...and from the homeland of heavyrock comes the rebirth of legendary West-Yorkshire rockers: THE CULT !

From neo-punks to new-wave to hardrock, THE CULT never disappoints, never and the all killers - no fillers streamroller that is 1987's Electric LP supercharged rocknroll, just like ZEPPELIN and KISS did some years earlier. Back to basics, primitive rocknroll: blue jeans, black leather, Gretsch guitars, Fender basses, Marshall amps and biker attitude ...THESE ARE THE RULES - THIS IS THE LAW !!!

The intro riff to "Wild Flower" cracks skulls instantly, that dry guitar-tone strikes like lightning while the rhythm section thrusts this song into classicrock-heaven in a flash. First track, first kill !

"Peace Dog" is the song AC/DC never wrote. The "Cat Scratch Fever"-type riff is all balls-out face-ripping guitars. Second track, second kill !

The outlaw-themed "Lil' Devil" is another crystal pure lethal rock-anthem. This time the A-key bass-driven rhythm takes the lead. Third track, third kill !

Still want some more huh ?

"Electric Ocean" is another gem, with great chords and greater power-chords, while the fast-paced "Bad Fun" is double-bassdrum galloping pleasure and a overdriven lead. The LP closes with the off-set rhythm of "Memphis Hip Shake": loud, heavy and obnoxious ...a real heavy-rock hitter !

The album's zenith is found on "Love Removal Machine". This number is still, some 32 years later, the closing track in their live-set. Unashamed homage to the ROLLING STONES's "Start Me Up", "Removal Machine" is the rock-song most boys dream of while ...learning the tools-of-the-trades. The riff, the bass-line, the drums, the voice and Billy Duffy's blazing heavymetal-lead: the party-track to all rock-parties, this one is all spot-lights and glorious fury.

All killers - no fillers !

The addition of STEPPENWOLF's fuming "Born To Be Wild" seams fitting, while given the CULT-treatment as the almighty Ian Astbury was/is/will always be one of hardrock's most cherished vocalist.

Electric is not only a return album for the band, it's a bold statement that this crew would not give an inch to their Sunset-strip compadres. Although vintage rockers, the boys were well aware of the other scenes, as we can spot both SAMHAIN and BEASTIE BOYS tshirts worn in their videos. Two full-lenght versions of this album are in circulation: the lively Steve Brown mixed Manor Sessions and the re-recorded under Rick Rubin commercially available release.

Adding 1985's successful Love LP, some bands are lucky enough to get ONE single hit in their entire career, THE CULT now possessed quite a few, and that collection would grow significantly stronger with their upcoming third massive hit ...the 1989 mo-nu-men-tal Sonic Temple LP !

Wild Flower - video
Lil' Devil - video
Love Removal Machine - video
LP Interview in 1987
Live BBC broadcast in 1987
Billy Duffy's current live rig

Sonic Temple

Sacred sunny Sunday inside the Sonic Temple ...because Brits do it better !!!


September 23, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: Ceremony.

The Peace Dog keeps on barking !

Monstrous, impeccable and mature hardrock, THE CULT is the powerhouse that sets the standards. Gifted singer Ian Astbury and focused guitarist Billy Duffy are one of the genre's best creative duo. After the perfect execution of 1985's Love, 87's Electric and 89's Sonic Temple LP, one of hardrock's ultimate trilogy was time for a last call.

The suave solid-rock starts with "Ceremony", a testament to classic Euro-hardrock. Killer hooks and laid-back deep heavy rhythms. This beast cannot be tamed, from Father to Son, as "Wild Hearted Son" rips thru the stereo in true rebel-rock fashion. Heavy-rock, oozing with a 60s-vibe rings aloud on "Bangkok Rain" along the upbeat and empowering, the commanding "Earth Mofo".

Darkness and melancholy, synonymous with Astbury's voice, gently rocks us on the symphonic "Indian", an audacious acoustic and cello composition. A cut that encapsulate the album's Native American theme. And now, the gigantic "Heart Of Soul", one of the last epic hardrock powerballad of the golden-era, instantly lits up and fills the hall with heavenly vibes. Play loud.

Bold, British and beautiful.

Sadly, drum-engine Matt Sorum couldn't participate on the album, as he was now the locomotive for the GUNS N' ROSES nightrain. And more sadly, the rock-landscape was put in heavy limbo, as the new flavor of the month sat back the entire hardrock-genre off it's feet ...courtesy of the flannels of Seattle.

Wild Hearted Son = video
Heart Of Soul = video
Ceremony = full CD
Interview in 1991
Live in Italy in 1991


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