July 7, 2003 - 2020: 17 years of: Permission To Land.

Onstage, backstage ...yet still underage !

England never disappoint. This ain't 1963, 1973 or even 1983 ...but 2003, a mere 40 years since THE BEATLES changed the world and released their debut Please Please Me LP ...and Great Britain's greats were once again about to shake things up ! In a nutshell, for hardrock: the 80s ruled, the 90s sucked ...can any band re-set the stages afire in this cold generation of high-speed internet, post 9/11 invasions and mobile-phone craze of this sick new millennium ?

Two words: THE DARKNESS !
...well actually

Permission To Land is that spark that kickstarted the new hard-rocknroll revival of the 2003-04 era. Supergroups like VELVET REVOLVER and BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION were ready to kick major-asses while some others legends were still afloat: DOKKEN and EUROPE to name a few. Simultaneously in some high-story office, the real MÖTLEY CRÜE were preparing the return of the decade.

The party explodes like a Champagne cork with "Black Shuck", the track THIN LIZZY never wrote. Track #2, stand back don't reach out and "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" ya low-life punk. Hard-rock with a rock-hard attitude, no this ain't Los Angeles in the 80s heyday, just some blokes from Lowestoft, from the same country that gave us DEF LEPPARD, THE CULT and the almighty Kings of hardrock: QUEEN !

Fist in the air arena-rock is fully exposed on "Love On The Rocks With No Ice" while the heavier and louder "Stuck In A Rut"'s first verse commence with "Kiss my arse, kiss my arse goodbye"

Don't call this a one-hit wonder, it's called a hard-working rocknroll band. Even if it was only for this single-track, they would still be featured in the aforementioned rock-revival. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" is the type of song most teens in their bedroom air-guitared to in front of their Ace Frehley Alive II poster in 1977. Power-chords, rebellious-drive and the voice, that hard edge hybrid voice between Robert Plant and David Coverdale, yes it's that strong !

Classic hardrock for modern-times without any of it's cliché. Well that's actually a lie, the band did broke apart after 2005's One Way Ticket To Hell CD due to lead-singer Justin Hawkins's rehab-vacation, but hey, they did come back stronger and healthier in 2012 with the hard-hittin' Hot Cakes CD and have been releasing quality rock material since.

It's naughty, it's ugly, it's smelly and it's highly addictive ...let us spell it out for you: it's called rocknroll !
And the United Kingdom's best beautiful bastards are ...let us spell it out for you: they're called THE DARKNESS !

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - video
Love Is Only A Feeling - video
Growing On Me - video
Get Your Hands Of My Woman - video
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