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September 21, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Houdini.

Grunge's divine Grand-Daddy.

Following 1992's stoner / doommetal Lysol CD, the fat-toners came back for more. The Washington wonders would finally get the break needed to claim the grunge-crown outta Seattle's mass-media's portrayal. Hard and heavy heritage from the originators of this scene, here are the lovable: MELVINS !

Get drunk with the cranium-splitting sludge of "Hooch". Ultra heaviness and laidback drums, another shot is provided with the "Night Goat", deadly darkness and downtuned. Aural apocalypse gets a soundtrack with the 7min+ doommetal-monster "Hag Me", while the rockabillia-vibed "Set Me Straight" and "Lizzy" brings a earthy feel to the overall mix.

The mosh-fest MTV anti-single single "Honey Bucket" might be 1993's heaviest track on a major-label. Fat and gritty, the palm-muting is real and the chaos is real. The added bonus KISS reprise in "Goin' Blind" is a nice nod to the Hottest Band In The World.

Now signed to Atlantic Records, this first major-label Garth Richardson mixed opus for the MELVINS was ironically released on the same day as NIRVANA's In Utero CD. Also ironically co-produced by ...Kurt Cobain, his actual participation was non-existent to say the least. Sadly Houdini disappeared from the Charts as soon as it appeared. Doesn't matter, DIYs don't need MTV, the underground knows were to find extremes.

The two-headed mutant would provide more muddy-riffs and soil speakers with 1994's Stoner Witch CD.

Honey Bucket = video
Hooch = video
Lizzy = video
Houdini = full CD
MTV interview in 1993
Live in Los Angeles in 1993
Buzzo showing us how to play

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