1993 - Siamese Dream.
way more Helter Skelter.

July 27, 1993 - 2023: 30 years of: Siamese Dream.

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After 1991's Gish CD, Chicago's bohemian-hardrockers would soon leapfrog the trends. From indie to arenas, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS's butterfly-winged major-label debut, brought more melodies and more melancholy into this deep heavy mix. One of the top zeitgeists of the colorful early 90s.

The groove slides in as "Cherub Rock" swallows the mood into mid-paced mellow-metal. The crunch-tone and angel voice strikes again on the loud "Quiet" and the diametrical folk "Sweet Sweet", takes us on a very different path.

Still tripping to a tee, with both strong MTV-singles "Today" and the astral-vibes of "Rocket". More smashing guitars clashes on "Geek U.S.A." and the arrogant dynamic punches of "Silverfuck".

The dreamy "Soma" sets the mood to bedtime ...and now, the era's beautifulest cloud-ballad "Disarm". Acoustic-strumming with church-bells, this grandiose venture is fully supported by orchestral-strings. Cold and calculated, this is a prog-like unorthodox unit-shifting out-of-the-box trek.

Even though somewhat late to the party, by mid-1993, Seattle's domination was still on top of the rock-mountain. Beauty in darkness and culturally significant, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS's colloquial chaos were now a key-player to reckon with, and Billy Corgan's creative madness would exponentially burst ...into madness.

Currently RIAA-certified 4x Platinum, the Butch Vig produced Siamese Dream is an integral part of the alternative-takeover. Post-extensive touring and Lollapalooza '94 headlining, their upcoming gamechanger would push the boundaries of rocknroll beyond, beyond: 1995's double epicrock tour-de-force Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness double-CD extravaganza.

Cherub Rock = video
Rocket = video
Today = video
Disarm = video
Siamese Dream = full CD
Interviews themselves in 1994
Live in Chicago in 1993



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