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2003 - Elephant.
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June 15, 1999 - 2024: 25 years of: The White Stripes.

Putting Detroit back on the map.

While MC5 and THE STOOGES spearheaded proto-punk in the late 60s took a full 30 years for THE WHITE STRIPES, the world's simplest band, to make the Motor City roar again. There were not too many guitar-heroes during the 90s, a titled that was left to rot in the flamboyant 80s, but by 2003 you just couldn't look away at John Anthony Gillis AKA Jack White.

The "bro-n-sis" duo started right here with the basis of garage-rock: hard-hitting drums, loud crunched guitars and hold-on-to-dear-life vocals ...a down to Earth electric performance. And just like their heroes from the glorious foundations of classic blues to British heavy-rock, THE WHITE STRIPES rocked the house with the simplest tribal rhythms ...true leaders of a seven nation army.

Meg White's drums hits loud with massive headroom on the almost-heavymetallesque opening track "Jimmy The Exploder". "The Big Three Killed My Baby" is about the city's car-industry dominance of the second half of the century and it displays Jack's heavy stompboxed-toned guitar: pure effective rock. The slick bluesy licks of "Suzy Lee" elevates the band's street-creds, while the 1:54sec "When I Hear My Name" will again require proper ear-protection.

1-2-3-4: "Astro" is an all-frills obnoxious two-note-riff-raff that will peel your face off, while "Screwdriver" is another energetic track that uses clever high-and-low dynamic build-ups. The evident roots are present on Robert Johnson's "Stop Breaking Down"s use of classic bottleneck-riff patterns to kick the chair, while "Cannon" is an über heavyrock number with a borrowed middle-part in Son House's all-time classic "John The Revelator".

THE WHITE STRIPES brought rock-guitar back into the mainstream with a raw organic jam.
THE WHITE STRIPES would soil the scene again with 2000's modern grungy pop-art De Stijl CD.

THE WHITE STRIPES saved rocknroll during the turn of the millennium. Jack White: from local struggling indie-rocker to hip scene-leader in not one (THE WHITE STRIPES), not two (THE RACONTEURS), but three (THE DEAD WEATHER) full Grammy-winning and Platinum-selling bands ...and later Billboard-Charting solo-career. But also record-label exec, studio-engineer, record-store owner and record-plant operator (Third Man Records) with offices in both Detroit and Nashville. Rocknroll's busiest man, a full 360° artist and entrepreneur, a unique guitar-hero.


Broken Bricks = video
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July 3, 2001 - 2021: 20 years of: White Blood Cells.

The alternative to alternative.

Welcome to the new millennium, we've survived the eclectic 90s and finally loud-rock is back. Numeric-technology is here, yet our two-some terror still stick to the classics. Analog two-inch tape, large headroom drums, vintage pedals and ribbon microphones ...nothing is spared in this retro 60s setup.

Detroit's dearest delightful duo are back for a third slab of hard-hitting crude rocknroll.

The party starts with "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground", an overdriven almost 70s doom-rock track, which is a 90° to the happy bus-ride-sing-along beat of "Hotel Yorba". The legendary Detroit skid row hotel still stand on West Lafayette Boulevard, inches from the Canadian-border.

More heavy-rock is present on "Expecting", some doom-rock with "Aluminum" and the decibel-decadent "I Think I Smell A Rat". The blues rear it's ugly head on "I Can Learn" and "The Same Boy You've Always Known". Welcome inside the "Little Room", 0:50sec of Jack and Meg free-style mayhem and another folk sing-along makes an apparition in the adorable "We're Going To Be Friends".

And finally, the slam-dancing starts on "Fell In Love With A Girl", a 1:50sec burst of punk-energy. A shorty filled with strength beyond strength attitude, this BLACK FLAG-like rips through the stereo like a rabid Tasmanian devil.

See matching video:
and the making of:

RIAA-certified Platinum, the harmonious / cacophonous White Blood Cells CD solidified THE WHITE STRIPES has a genuine rock-band, in a very crowded grungy scene.

Be warned, these lovely siblings were on the verge of being hijacked by the ravaging hipster-doom trend, as 2003 would break the band into Grammy-territory, with one of the world's most revered guitar-riffs.


Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground = video
Hotel Yorba = video
Fell In Love With A Girl = video
White Blood Cells = full record
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April 1, 2003 - 2023: 20 years of: Elephant.

Time for another game-changer.

It's been too long since this sterile scene had a serious face-wash. After their 2001 White Blood Cells CD, the grass-root took notice ...and it was now time for the mainstage. From the garage to the Grammy, the machine rolls on full steam as THE WHITE STRIPES were now, the hottest ticket around.

Speakers melt from the almost metal "Black Math" to the Herculean stomp of "The Hardest Button To Button" ...never a dull moment. From the eclectic ecstasy of "Little Acorns" to Meg's icy performance of "In The Cold, Cold, Night", this is one ride you'll never forget.

Expanding their horizons, we now get piano pizzazz of "I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart" and a special hard lounge-version of the Chuck Jackson / Dionne Warwick / Dusty Springfield / Isaac Hayes classic "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself". The earthy blues of "Ball And Biscuit" keeps the room warm, until the gang sing-along closer "Well It's True That We Love One Another".

...and now, the riff:
Crafted in the spur of the moment during a sound-check, a simple pentatonic E minor riff became a worldwide juggernaut. After the early 70s "Iron Man" and "Smoke On The Water" and early 90s "Enter Sandman" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" crusher, this one is now an obligatory staple in guitar-learning. Part doom and part revolution-rock, the repetitive mechanical beat is a now stellar rock-icon. The hypnotic "Seven Nation Army" has since crossed-over to the mainstream. A melody almost as common as "Happy Birthday", the cut found a welcoming home in sport-stadium events around the globe. It's been twenty years and still no riff has captured the essence of both the innocence and rage of American rocknroll.

It's 2003: the overdriven electric-guitar was cool again, ready to be assaulted by a new generation of disgruntled youths. From indie-rock to RIAA-certified Platinum, the now both Billboard and NME revered Elephant was the elephant in the scene you just couldn't notice. THE WHITE STRIPES conquered every step of the ladder, their way.

Flying high with his Airline guitar, Jack along sister Meg would break eardrums and break the bank again, with 2005's suave sonic sonata Get Behind Me Satan CD.


The Hardest Button To Button = video
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself = video
Seven Nation Army = video
Elephant = full record
Interview in 2003
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