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July 9, 1982 - 2022: 40 years of: Tron.


A lot of people ask me: "What's the very first record you purchased ?" ...well here's your answer: the soundtrack to 1982's sci-fi fireworks: Tron. Bought at Eaton's record-section in comfortable 1986, this was the first LP purchased with my own allowance-money. Very naive, I didn't even knew what a soundtrack was, I just loved the movie and wanted some. A movie that would rapidly become a cult icon of the then 35mm-format.

Ultra-cult ultra-epic, on one end part 1984, ad some shades of Star Trek and a steady dose of 2001 A Space Odyssey. The foreshadowing Tron adventure has become the ultimate starting-point reference of futuristic dystopian-movies and intrinsically synonymous with glorious 80s beyond beyond mindset.

With breath-taking images, Tron defined the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) cinema, in an era where the mouse and color-monitor was still considered luxury items. Hollywood soon took notice and computer-graphics would help and enhance cinematic visions from producer's and writer's art.

The wait for a follow-up was a long one, as fans of the franchise finally got a sequel with 2010's: Tron Legacy.


Tron = movie trailer
Tron = soundtrack
Light Cycle battle

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