1984 - Stay Hungry.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 10, 1984 - 2024: 40 years of: Stay Hungry.

Another East-Coast oddity.

1984, the calendar-year when America became hardrock-central. These rock-rebels are pissed and loaded with adrenaline. From Long Island to West-Hollywood ...under the blade, you can't stop the TWISTED SISTERs !

The dirt lifts-off the floor on cue, as "Stay Hungry" kicks into motion. High paced and rebelicious to a tee, the pillage continues as they "Don't Let Me Down". The band tries doomrock with "The Beast" and on the possessed powermetalish "Burn In Hell", a different outlook for such a vivid act.

And now, the immortals.
Riding bikers heading to a cool event as "I Wanna Rock" loudly shouts at the Devil, while "We're Not Gonna Take It" is the pinnacle for establishment-burning ...a cool cut not written by a punk-band. Pushing and shoving, the attitude factor leads with pride, as both tracks gather teenage disruption right through the gates of puritan mainstream USA. Also MTV wouldn't have a gig if it weren't for these two matching humoristic mini-movie videos. Along with ZZ TOP and VAN HALEN, the new modus-operandi for rock-videos was: have fun and party hard.

"We're right (yeah), we're free (yeah), we'll fight (yeah), you'll seeeeeeeeee !!!"

Colorful proud combatant of the P.M.R.C., the ultimate badge of honor shall be immortalized on their Filthy Fifteen list, with "Under The Blade" from their 1982 LP of the same name. Standing in front of a Senate Hearing in late '85, frontman Dee Snider testified and destroyed any accusations aimed at the band for any moral wrong-doing ...a true defender of the faith.

RIAA-certified 3x Platinum, fan-certified and overall badass-certified ...these SISTERs were now ruling the school-yard. Hungry for more the band shall hit 'n run again with 1985's Come Out And Play LP.


RIP A.J. Pero (1959-2015)

We're Not Gonna Take It = video
I Wanna Rock = video
Burn In Hell = video
Stay Hungry = full LP
MuchMusic interview in 1984
Live in San Bernardino in 1984
P.M.R.C. Senate Hearing in 1985

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