V: The Original Miniseries.
way more Helter Skelter.

May 1, 1983 - 2023: 40 years of: V: The Original Miniseries.

The Fourth Reich from beyond.

Forget about E.T. and the Space Race, the real race is against this nefarious invasion. In the current Star Wars crazed era, this wicked made-for-TV saga was the perfect hybrid between War Of The Worlds, Alien and our beloved A-Team. An instant hit on NBC evenings, America was fully hooked and sci-fi was the hottest ticket to access accolades.

They came in peace, shaking hands and ready to provide Humans with new technologies and science, in exchange for some help ...and food. "V" for Visitor or "V" for Victory ? Through partnership and media-propaganda, this Empire would gain trust and political-power with the world's Elites. But deep within the inner-cities, renegades form to fight the oppression and global take-over, in order to save humankind, they are: the Resistance !

So close to 1940s Germanic masterplan, from the Visitors Swastika-like logo to the scarlet-red of their uniforms matches both troops. Pushing the reality to insanity, the mini-series even used the Hitler Youth angle, as Red, White & Blue teenagers were now enrolled in this new SS-Army. The show's authenticity eventually made actress Jane Badler, who played the rat-eating Second Chief In Command alien, one of the most hated on-screen figure.

Hungry for more power and ordered by "Our Friends" at Warner Brothers and NBC, the foreign foes would strike back with 1984's sequel: V: The Final Battle and 84-85's V: The TV Series. This time revenge is upped, as lizards come back for another shot at seizing Earth and it's precious resources. Yet in the chaos, red blood and irony, a mixed-raced child would lead the climax in the very final battle.

V's legacy is as immense as the size of the Mothership. The 80s plethora of horror / sci-fi blockbusters would pile up on it's inheritance, as we now look at a trend-changing 40 years long heritage. Toys, cartoons, comics, computer-games and obvious franchise reboot have all been explored since ...but nothing holds a candle to the original miniseries.

In recent times, in a twist of hate, the unilateral political-oppressions and conspiracy-theory links to "reptilian-people" term took a sharp left-turn into the current social zeitgeist.


RIP Rafael Campos AKA Sancho Gomez (1936-1985)
RIP Jason Bernard AKA Caleb Taylor (1938-1996)
RIP Camila Ashland AKA Ruby Engels (1911-2008)
RIP Neva Patterson AKA Eleanor Dupres (1920-2010)
RIP Leonardo Cimino AKA Abraham Bernstein (1917-2012)
RIP Hansford Rowe AKA Arthur Dupres (1924-2017)
RIP George Morfogen AKA Stanley Bernstein (1933-2019)
RIP Richard Herd AKA Visitor John (1932-2020)
RIP Penelope Windust AKA Kathleen Maxwell (1945-2022)
RIP Andrew Prine AKA Visitor Steven (1936-2022)

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