September 11, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Cherry Pie.

Want a slice ?

One of the last jewel on the Sunset-Strip hardrock crown. One of the last, last-calls of the decadent-decade. Excesses from the left, excesses from the right, swinging onstage and backstage, the dirty rotten filthy stinkin' about to be rich, hit a Grand Slam with album #2. Still somewhat under the radar, behind the MÖTLEY's, the LEPPARD's and the JOVI's ...luckily these bad boys were still under warranty.

Kickass tracks like "Love In Stereo" and the raging riff-shredder of "Sure Feels Good To Me" will please headbangers and bikers alike, while some will hop aboard the "Train, Train", one of the heaviest track from the band's catalog at that point.

The era of powerballads and lavish gazillion dollar videos and WARRANT shares with us, a juicy piece of the pie. The beautiful piano-driven "I Saw Red" is magic at the end of the rainbow. Some more raw-rock heaviness is found on the strong "Uncle Tom's Cabin". A dark tune that deals with killings and getting rid of the evidence, not your typical WARRANT cut. The Allen + Turner guitar-duo proves with a killer tone, that they are no shmucks.

The title-track that almost wasn't.

Jani Lane's last cut as the record-company wanted another quick track. WARRANT now had a certified hit in hand. Some of the finest pastry in hardrock as "Cherry Pie" is now an immortal-anthem in the global hardrock-catalog. The simplest verse-chord-verse, topped by some of the sleaziest lyrics known to man, made this sugary-cut an unstoppable hip-shaker and bra-thrower in arenas America-wide. Since, the lead-singer went on record numerous time claiming that he hates this particular song ...but since it pays the bills, it still holds a firm place in the live set-list. Extra-point goes out to babelicious model Bobbie Brown, yes that super blonde in the video eventually became Jani's wife. Open up and say ahhh !

Produced by hardrock genius, aka Beau Hill (see also RATT, WINGER, KIX and the master himself Alice Cooper), the boys were in good hands for some high-grade sound. Another fine selection from the Class Of 1990, along other heavy-hitters like POISON's Flesh & Blood and SLAUGTHER's Stick It To Ya ...oh yeah baby, all major Platinum-selling ass-kickerz !

This also marks the end of the WARRANT 1.0 hardrock-era, as subsequent records were to be less party to more heavy with modern overtones. Living the moment with the naughtiest standards, these ultimate poster-boys had their 15minutes cut short in late-1991, by some Seattle-punks.

Not the cheesiest ...but the cherriest !

RIP Jani Lane (1964-2011)

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