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October 13, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Salutations From The Ghetto Nation.

Welcome to the anti-glam of hardrock.

Welcome to the decaying 90s, after a hazy decade of sex, drugs and rocknroll, time to face the cold hard facts. This generation is empty and fast self-consuming. From New-York City's downtown, here's the deadly real ugly side of rocknroll: welcome to the wasteland of WARRIOR SOUL.

The hammer falls down as "Love Destruction" takes over in a commanding way. Scream it loud: "The country's broke, the kids retarded, crime stained lovers in cities rotted !". The thick dark blood keeps on pouring with "Blown" and the loud hardcore of "Punk And Belligerent".

Mid-paced heavyrock provides a solid foundation with "Shine Like It" and the dreamy "Dimension". This unit does not negotiate with any form of opposition. High-stamina soiled rock wipes that lovely flair off your face as "Ass-Kickin'" punches you in the stomach while another jabs comes from the left as the DIY "I Love You" leaves a couple of unhinged teeth on the dance-floor.

A clever street-level mix of BLACK SABBATH and BLACK FLAG, this sonic shenanigan fights for the right. Deep from within, beyond God and drugs, WARRIOR SOUL speaks the hate, the love and the truth.

Third record and fully ready for the big leagues, sadly 1992 was hardrock hostile, as alternative had swallowed America without warning. The band would release their final Geffen Records recording, 1993's overdriven Chill Pill CD.

The ghetto salutes you.

RIP Mark Evans (1956-2005)

Love Destruction = video
Salutations From The Ghetto Nation = full CD
Live in 1992

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