August 17, 1984 - 2019: 35 years of: W.A.S.P.

I want shiny cars and dirty money, lotsa rocknroll !

The horror of shockrock started with Arthur Brown and ring-master Alice Cooper and then evolved to mainstream eyes and ears with KISS ...yet the best/worst was yet to come.

From the rotting trash-filled dark alleys of Los Angeles arises the world's most shocking band. So shocking that Washington took notice and subsequently created the P.M.R.C. (Parents Music Research Center) to helplessly try to drown the horror ...yet this only fueled the crew to be louder, wilder and much uglier.

Hardrock, sleaze, skulls and raw-meat, this was meant to shock, break and shake the establishment as a whole. Ex-NEW-YORK DOLLS, ex-SISTER and ex-LONDON main-man in black, Blackie Lawless is W.A.S.P. and is the primary creative force behind the W.A.S.P. beast since it's 1982 conception. Whatever this acronym means to you is irrelevant as W.A.S.P. is all hard and all rock. While glamrock of the very late-70s was about hooks, looks and fashion, this unit is all about blackness, blood and obnoxious rocknroll !

The very purpose of W.A.S.P. is set in stone on the hardrock-anthem "I Wanna Be Somebody", where the rules of rocknroll are leveled-up to new scandalous heights. "The Flame" throws a hard punch and burns the place to the ground cuz: "Baby I've got the gasoline if you've got the spark"

A lesson in ass-kickin' is displayed on "School Daze", while the fast-paced "Hellion" makes sure no-one gets outta here alive. The haunting power-ballad "Sleeping (In The Fire)" is the first of many W.A.S.P. signature melancholic tracks, Blackie's other dark side.

Another timeless is the mechanical "L.O.V.E. Machine", a song about, well you all know what it is about ! The iconic and controversial "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" now proudly sits as one of hardrock's most sexually-charged song. The single was removed from the LP and sold separately to prevent the album from being censored. Love it or hate it, controversy sells and this one did, RIAA-certified Gold-status !

Before the nun rapes of 1997's industrial Killfuckdie CD, the blood started dripping with W.A.S.P.'s 1984 self-titled debut LP. This opus shall forever stands as one of hardrock's defining moments, a unique point in time, where youth-went-wild attitude ruled, in a decade where excesses where now the norm.

Although jukeboxes died in the lates-80s, many current hardrock playlists around the globe still includes "I Wanna Be Somebody", "L.O.V.E. Machine" and/or "Animal" ...true signs of timeless classicks. Now, 35+ years later, the initial shock has past and other bands have pushed rock to new extremes, yet the raw and explosive vibe throughout this LP is forever cemented in the annals of hard-rocknroll.

I will live in fame and die in flames, I'm never gettin' old !

I Wanna Be Somebody - video
L.O.V.E. Machine - video
Interview in 1984
Live at the Lyceum in 1984

November 9, 1985 - 2020: 35 years of: The Last Command.

Forget the 10 commandments ...THIS is the last command.

After the bloody meat throwing into the crowd events, the sexual perverts had other plans. Sunset Strip in 1985, the epicenter for sleazy rockstars with lewd and crude attitude. And nothing says lewd and crude more than the fearsome foursome of W.A.S.P.

After the initial scandal of fucking like a beast on their 1984's self-titled debut LP, the blood kept on pouring, with more hooks and more hardrock shenanigans.

The LP opens with an immortal classic. First there was "Shout At The Devil", then there's "We're Not Gonna Take It" ...and now make way for Blackie Lawless, the possessed Harley riding "Wild Child". Freedom and rebellious spirits, this hardrock-track energized youths across the red, white and blue, wanting more of that B.A.D. mindset. Key selling-point: the stellar vocal delivery remains unmatched. This signature-song is still part of their current setlist.

The rampage goes on with the testies-tester "Ballcrusher" and the metal-roars on the punchy "Jack Action". Now the obligatory powerballad "Cries In The Night" packs some quality somber melodies, while the naughty "Sex Drive" leaves no ass unkicked.

Close your eyes, think back when MTV was the shit, remember those cool rock videos ? Hip riffing and upbeat tempo ...everything's bigger in the Lone Star State. Another rocknroll Grand Slam for the L.A. boys, so drunk the band ended up "Blind In Texas". Another mandatory-track off their 36+ year career-catalog.

Shock-rock started with the almighty COOPER, then KISS made it mainstream, now W.A.S.P. were one of the sole reason the P.M.R.C. actually had a gig. Synonymous with the 80s rebellious attitude, W.A.S.P. rapidly became poster bad-boys for everything wrong with America's disgruntled teens. For every action, there's a reaction ...W.A.S.P. is that very reaction, thank you conservative Bible-hugging middle-America.

After the RIAA-certified Gold reached plateau, the widowmakers would comeback in the ring on 1986's Inside The Electric Circus LP.

Who dares wins !

Wild Child = video
Blind In Texas = video
The Last Command = full LP
Interview in 1985
Live in 1986
Some girl

1989: the epitome of the US hardrock movement and the end of a fucking decadent generation.

For some, the party was just starting: PRETTY BOY FLOYD, DANGEROUS TOYS and SKID ROW ...and then for some others: MÖTLEY, FASTER PUSSYCAT and TESLA, they were just between that sought after "perfect balance between raw and respectable" ...and with W.A.S.P.'s 4th LP, they were just that: raw and respectable !

No more shockrock, but instead classy hardrock, epicrock and then to become orchestralrock, it all began here on: The Headless Children LP.

No more throwing meat into the crowd, no more exploding cod-piece... from mean to mature, and even political, Blackie and the gang were finally a renown rock band for the right reasons: quality musicianship.

...yet W.A.S.P. still says: F_CK THE PMRC !!!



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