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July 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Into Darkness.

The heaviest record known to mankind.
...after of course, the perfection of Vol. 4 from the Godfathers of everything heavy: BLACK SABBATH.

Long Island NY, a small scene most recognized with hardcore and deathmetal, but never for doommetal, yet. The deadly trio of WINTER combines the divine power and might of mid 70s BLACK SABBATH, the riffing patterns of HELLHAMMER, the rock-drive of TROUBLE and the sludgy-vibe of PENTAGRAM ...all packed in a state of the art analogue production.

The fuzzy-bass tone would make Lemmy blush, while the multi-tracked guitars are so damn loud and thick, it literally makes sub-woofers hum in the low-ends. The pristine drum acoustics are the focal point on this record. The crisp overheads clashes and rings while the bassdrums and floor-toms are earthquake worthy on their own. Imagine BLUE CHEER's 1968 Vincebus Eruptum LP released in 1990, with the deathmetal-element. Add some tasty keyboards and effects to further the listener's experience when enjoying this album on a proper audio-system will reach a nirvana soundscape.

The 5:57sec intro "Oppression Freedom / Oppression (reprise)" is a glimpse of the apocalypse to come. Simple dissonant guitar-chords with spacey effects, percussions like rolling on tombstones that plunges us into a deep winter and then rise ! "Servants Of The Warsmen" is the most up-beat WINTER ever was. A full mid-paced piece, with signature NYHC beats is an assured moshpit as it slowly but surely mesmerizes you with it's fat-toned power-cords.

Dive head-first into darkness with the cold "Eternal Frost". An old-school deathrash experimentation of both mosh-music, spiritual-sights and ethereal communication ...the mid-part is an homage to the mighty early CELTIC FROST out-of-body legacy, for reference see the FROST's "Danse Macabre" and "Tears In A Prophet's Dream". The suffocating quicksand of "Goden" will slowly drown you, while the divine 9:27sec title-track is a Titanic-maelstrom of muddy metal-riffs and dark-punk attitude.

Essential listening !

While the mid-to-late 80s was a full-on arms-race in both thrashmetal and deathmetal, WINTER was a total shock to hear and witness, going into a 90° direction. The Into Darkness-concept is based on the premonition of a post-WW3 world, were inhabitants would be living in a nuclear ...winter. A young fresh band with a unique tone, vibe and signature.

Released in the hot summer of 1990, the icy cold and heaviness is still felt today in many metal-circles, 30 neanderthal years later. The now cult-status band have achieved in such a short time is nothing but full respect from their peers in the thrashmetal, deathmetal, doommetal and stonermetal scenes.

Sadly, Into Darkness would be the band's only full-length CD. Their label went bankrupt and WINTER disbanded not long after. In recent years, the re-united trio has played selected gigs, but hasn't recorded new music.


Servants Of The Warsmen = video
Into Darkness = full CD
Live reunion in 2011 = part I
Live reunion in 2011 = part II

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