UK's 1991 deathmetal masterpiece and cornerstone in the veil of the to-become European-melodic-metal-wave-of-the-late-90s.

Remember kids, back then, this stuff was issued under giants Columbia/Sony Music in America. Extreme times = extreme music. Mathematically precise yet still, sick and deranged !!!

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June 4, 1996 - 2021: 25 years of: Swansong.

Swansong ...or how to bend over extrememetal.

Maniacal murder-melodies have been apart of CARCASS's DNA since the 1991 tour-de-force Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious CD. The following opus, 1993's trendsetting beastialy beautiful Heartwork CD is still today a reference in the genre and a turning point in the global deathmetal time-line.

Produced again by studio genius Colin Richardson, for Columbia Records, the vegan British gang was at the pole-position for extrememetal's dominance ...or where they ?

The agro-punches of the appropriately titled "Keep On Rotting In The Free World" kicks the rocknroll factor into full overdrive. Not deathmetal, but death-n-roll, a fine mix of aggressive downtuned guitar, raspy vocals and those beloved mid-60s acidrock overtones. Implausible, yet palpable.

The party continues with the crunchy "Black Star", the vile "Don't Believe A Word" and the dark fist-pumping "Child's Play". This is the most commerciable, deathmetal ever was, or ever could be as more verse-chorus-verse addiction is present on the lovely track "Cross My Heart"

Massive changes in the rock-landscape in 1994-95 and major-label politics eventually got the best of them. Taped and ready to go, the album was shelved by some execs, the band broke up and eventually indie-label Earache Records acquired the rights and released it in June 1996.

Ironically, the album's title would dictate the band's putrefying future ...that is until the boys gave in to fan-pressure and reunited for a since healthy and lucrative comeback in 2008. Wake up and smell the CARCASS: then, now and forever. One of extrememetal's finest body of work.

Keep On Rotting In The Free World = video
Swansong = full CD
Documentary: Part V


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