James Bond - 13 Original Themes.
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1983 - 2023: 40 years of: James Bond - 13 Original Themes.

The soundtrack-compilation that spawns the early to mid-era classic Bond. From Connery to Lazenby, to Connery again and then Moore ...the 007 madness never stops.

From Louis Armstrong, to WINGS, to Nancy Sinatra, to Shirley Bassey ...these themes are a fine mix of vocal R&B, jazz and post-WW2 lounge music ...mostly epic John Barry signatures. The all-time top-class top-cut powerful performance is undoubtly Tom Jones's stellar "Thunderball" muscular exhibition.
This collection obviously includes the iconic "James Bond Theme", composed by Monty Norman in 1962. The 1:47sec short swing climax cut has rapidly become universally synonymous with instant sleek, savage and overall sophisticated cool testosterone-filled attitude. There is only one.
Released in 1983, during the post-Octopussy and pre-A View To A Kill era, the world of the mid 80s was in full motion and so was the Bond-brand. The glorious 60s and 70s heights were left to bite the dust, in the current cutting edge sci-fi and fantasy movie galore. All the new upcoming themes, 1985 and on, would now be performed by contemporary pop artists.

Nevermind the hype, Roger Moore, the man in the tuxedo will come back once last time, before the dark Timothy Dalton 1987-89 facelift. The James Bond legacy, a fiery feast for sights ...and sounds.

RIP John Barry OBE (1933-2011)
RIP Marvin Hamlisch (1944-2012)
RIP George Martin CBE (1926-2016)
RIP Monty Norman (1928-2022)

James Bond - 13 Original Themes = full LP
The story of the "James Bond Theme"

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