1991 - The Rack.
1992 - Last One On Earth.
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April 13, 1991 - 2021: 30 years of: The Rack.

These Dutch doom-deathmetal legends have set the pace since 1987. Yet on their 1991 debut, while most acts were focused on speed, ASPHYX dwelled in mid-tempo brutality in: The Rack.

Still today, led by vocalist and deathmetal icon Martin Van Drunen, ASPHYX are keeping the old-school feeling alive and remains an underground cult attraction.

Welcome into the Wasteland Of Terror !

The Rack = full CD
Live in 1991

October 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Last One On Earth.

Sick and brutal, brutal and sick.

He's back, deathmetal's strongest asset, vocalist Martin Van Drunen ...they're back deathmetal's darkest asset: ASPHYX. Following 1991's trendsetting The Rack CD, from beneath the remains, Holland's merchants are standing as the last one on Earth.

The assault bursts with the "M.S. Bismarck" take-over. Heavy midpaced deathmetal with the empowerment of old-school CELTIC FROST. Reduces to ashes, we face "The Krusher" and the military strike of the 7min+ title-track "Last One On Earth".

Faster hate is spewed on "Serenade In Lead" and the destructive embodiment of "Food For The Ignorant". The cataclysmic finale of the sick "Asphyx (Forgotten War)" is a gigantic doom-death build-up of brutal consequences.

Diametrically deconstructed against the technical shredders of Florida, the reclusive ASPHYX-trio remains some of the heaviest deathmetal, featuring some of the most barbaric vokills unearthed. Sadly this unique union would be the last one for Van Drunen ...until 2009's glorious comeback Death ...The Brutal Way CD.

Last One On Earth = full CD
Interview in 1992

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