way more Helter Skelter.

The formula for old-school: Great-Britan, doom deathmetal and motherfuckin' Barney !

While vintage 1989-90 deathmetal was about speed and aggression aka MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE and PESTILENCE ...some other bands explored the other side of the DM-spectrum in a more ambient kind of way.

Enter monoliths like: ASPHYX, AUTOPSY and BENEDICTION. Strong doom elements, another page taken from the great BLACK SABBATH-bible, added to downtuned deathmetal makes the horror even more terrifying.

The UK underground scene was build on punks, yet the very-late 1980s saw 2 separate branches of extreme-metal emerge: grindcore with CARCASS and BOLT THROWER and doom-deathmetal with PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and your's truly. BENEDICTION's 1990 debut album Subconscious Terror is all that: horror, darkness and cold deathmetal !

The eerie intro of "Portal To Your Phobias" brings your worst fears to life has the epic title-track slowly sets in with a chilling "Yeah ah-ah-aaahhh!" maniacal laugh. Pure morbid magic, wrapped in underground guitar tones and mid-paced rhythms. The HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST worship continues on "Grizzled Finale", "Eternal Eclipse" and "Spit Forth The Dead", where simple thrashmetal riffs and monstrous throat-work builds-up and swallows you into oblivion.

Now icon vocalist, Mark "Barney" Greenway did the Subconscious Terror album, he then jumped ship to faster (way much faster) and greener pastures in leading the NAPALM DEATH gang, yet his roots lies deep within BENEDICTION, featuring his Tom G. Warrior "Ugh" and Kam Lee "Hey" deathmetal shouts. Eternal classick old-school DM !!!

Subconcious Terror = full CD
Live in 1990


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