1987: The birth of grindcore from the fastest band on earth !!!


July 1, 1990 - 2020: 30 years of: Harmony Corruption.


The fastest band on the planet get's a full facelift. After the 1988 nailbomb-type LP From Enslavement To Obliteration, West-Midlands's grindcore-alchemist went thru a major rebuild, from top to bottom.

Still behind the kit, the human drum-tornado Mick Harris and still in the low-end department Shane Embury. Exit screamer Lee Dorrian to form the divine CATHEDRAL, welcome aboard fellow Brummie and ex-BENEDICTION death-doom growler Mark "Barney" Greenway. Exit guitar-player Bill Steer to rot full-time in CARCASS, welcome aboard not one but two American 6-stringers: Las Vegas's RIGHTEOUS PIGS rabid Mitch Harris and Los Angeles's TERRORIZER own Jesse Pintado.

Now to say that NAPALM DEATH in 1990 is an all-star juggernaut is a understatement.

Produced by Scott Burns at Tampa's Morrisound Studios, an already "used-to-death" formula, is now applied to the leading grindcore titans. The result ? ...a groundbreaking mix, bridging the grindcore minuteman-touch to the bigger and fuller deathmetal sound.

The opening-track "Vision Conquest" instantly grinds away while Barney shouts an apocalyptic death-grunt. The CD-only "Hiding Behind" shows a mature band, with articulate writing and some heavymetal song-structure. The CELTIC FROST-worship "If The Truth Be Known", with it's main driving riff is a simple yet menacing track and they happily destroy everything in sight in the explosive firepower of "Inner Incineration".

Some more all-star local guests: Glen Benton of DEICIDE and John Tardy of OBITUARY makes an appearance on the global-warning track "Unfit Earth" ...30 years before the current social-media modern yuppie-craze of the same name. Not a single per say, but the now fan-favorite "Suffer The Children" is one strong contender. The mega-metal riffing, builds-up to the climatic grindcore blasts. Strategically placed "Ugh" and "Heyyy" sends another salute to the great Tom Warrior in the outro-section.

Remember that 1990 is a turning-point in time for hard-music. Not only the hardrock and thrashmetal scenes were both at a crossroad but the new deathmetal scene was looming underground. And even within the deathmetal scene, some of the traditional old-schoolers were wizening up and incorporating prog and fusion elements. Now NAPALM DEATH were never tempted by the latter, but Harmony Corruption is the most accessible the band ever was, at that point in time. And by accessible, we mean a slicker production, actual verse-chorus-verse song patterns and even guitar-solo sections. All elements most rock-acts take for granted, but were never part of ND's DNA, yet.

The Live Corruption home-video was filmed in a Church's basement in the UK, were stage-diving quickly became mandatory. 1991's Mass Appeal Madness EP is somewhat a return to form to their edgier grindcore-roots the band is known for and they then finally properly toured America, to new hungry crowds of extreme-music fans.

In retrospect, NAPALM DEATH affected so many key-bands in this ever-growing scene, it's not even funny. All current-members are coming from: UNSEEN TERROR, BENEDICTION, RIGHTEOUS PIGS, DEFECATION and TERRORIZER. Some ex-members went on to future careers with: GODFLESH, CATHEDRAL, CARCASS and SCORN. While some currents-members also had implication in: GOATLORD, MEATHOOK SEED, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, BRUJERIA and LOCK UP.

Now to say that NAPAM DEATH is an all-star juggernaut is a fucking understatement.


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