November 13, 1989 - 2019: 30 years of: World Downfall.

Q: Can your band fit 16 top quality grindcore songs into a 36mins LP ?
A: Hold my high-hat !

Here it is folks: one of the fastest recordings in human history. 1985 had S.O.D.'s Speak English Or Die trend-setting LP and we now get the one, the only, the ugly: TERRORIZER's 1989 über cult-classick World Downfall !

From Los Motherfukkin' Angeles, the all-star underground DIY heavymetal line-up includes: Oscar Garcia from NAUSEA, Jesse Pintado to be in NAPALM DEATH along with Pete Sandoval and David Vincent to be in MORBID ANGEL.


After WW3, when the smokes clear and nuclear-winter sets-in, all that will be left is "After World Obliteration", a mosh-pit favorite. Violent yet real, the insane blast-beats and grind riffing is bound to make eardrums bleed. Hop right into "Storm Of Stress" a 1000mph massacre in just 1:28sec of pure grindcore exhibition ...Sandoval is God ! "Corporation Pull-In" is a blazing hardcore punk-vibed track, while "Condemned System" is another piece that underlines social inequities.

Side 2 pushes even harder, "Enslaved By Propaganda" is a riffomania and "Need To Live" and "Injustice" blasts away into Mach IV ! The classic "Dead Shall Rise" remains one of the most revered grindcore tracks ever ...evenso that MORBID ANGEL performed it live on their 1991 Blessed Are The Sick tour, I know, I was there.

Organized chaos within one of the most influential grindcore releases of all-time. The blast started with REPULSION's 1986 underground gore-splatter Horrified LP, followed by NAPALM DEATH's 1987 iconic Scum LP and then TERRORIZER's almighty World Downfall in 1989. The ball stops here, nothing has subsequently out-done TERRORIZER, nothing, no-thing ...this is the end of the line.

RIP Jesse Pintado (1969-2006)

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