1992 - Body Count.
way more Helter Skelter.

March 31, 1992 - 2022: 30 years of: Body Count.

The L.A.P.D.'s favorite band.

The early 90s, the ultimate whirlwind of styles and sounds and from out of nowhere, a rapper would forever break the boundaries of heavymetal ...Ice-mutherfockin'-T brings forth: ghettometal ! Hot on the heels of his solid Original Gangster 1991 rap CD, Ice tagged along with high-school rock-buddy Ernie-C and the slums of L.A. now had a hardcore thrashmetal band they can call their own.

Who's in the house ?

The definite down-picking of "Body Count's In The House" opens the celebration. Mosh-pit bound, this is NYHC done South Central style, entangled in street-rhymes. The thrashmetal of "Bowels Of The Devil" rips faces while the cap-peelin' lead-single "There Goes The Neighborhood" received positive MTV-attention, in the all too generic and sterile 1991-92 hardrock-era.


The O. G. goes full carnage on the "Body Count" title-track. Obnoxious intense metal ass-kicker and true wake-up call from the decaying inner-cities ...Ice calls it out loud: "Don't you hear the guns, you stupid dumb dick-suckin' bum politicians ?" ...and from the stiff "Evil Dick" fun to the reptilian-rage of "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight", BC represents the rock-spectrum of attitude, dope and DIY anger.

Now sports:

Straight outta Compton of the crack-epidemic mid 80s. The Heavy-Metal State Of The Union Address, a new hardcore anthem. Step aside law-enforcement, this is our song, this is our time. The hate and abuse explode in a 4:09sec thrash and sing-along crowd-gathering metal-event. Straight outta the war-zone, no song has since been written on the matter. Serious actions need serious consequences. The 5-O speedmetal "Cop Killer" responds with a simple yet definite crystal-clear message: "But tonight we get even".

Out in the parking lot...

One month before the Rodney King riots, BODY COUNT and the hiphop underground already knew shit was 'bout to get real. From primary black neighborhood, far from the so-called glamorous American Dream, N.W.A. yeld it back in 1988 and Cube's 1991's Death Certificate CD was just another warning-shot.

Ice-T pushed harder, so hard that even the puritan government took note. The single-track "Cop Killer" alone hijacked the news and put the entire country on it's knees. From the FBI to the NRA, to local Police Departments across the US to the suit and tie Capitol Hill, they were all shit-scared concerned about this new found violence of anti-establishment. Yet on the other side of the spectrum, in real life filled with real people, when did these tight-ass politicians ever took notice about police-brutality and racial-injustice from past decades ?

Rapidly in retaliation, some agencies refused to answer calls from low-income neighborhoods and eventually, masses of Wall Street stock-holders pressured Warner Brothers Records to cancel the artist. Within weeks, Ice-T was removed from the label's roster and BODY COUNT's record was reissued with an alternate-artwork and edited track-listing. Forever banned, even under the 1st Amendment, the song "Cop Killer" will never be available through commercial-networks, ever again. Yet they cannot stop the underground and the live-performances. In concert, this now legendary-track has become an anthem of the dirty 90s and an anthem for oppression for generations of rebels to freely shout out loud: FUCK THE POLICE !!!

BC's cultural impact on traditional heavymetal is immense. Not en-vogue, yet bound to happen: a black metal-band. From another galaxy than LIVING COLOUR and 24-7 SPYZ, the all African-American BODY COUNT is the signature from the other Los Angeles. Between black and white and between Bloods and Crips, this is the real alternative to alternative. Metal-kids got into it and suburb-punks got into it. Ultra raw and underground, this modern crossover outlook on heavymetal was a welcomed addition to the genre's stagnant portfolio and paved the way for the adventurous 1990s all-together.

Befriending with GUNS 'N ROSES, MOTÖRHEAD, SLAYER and MEGADETH, the computing of dead bodies would pile-up on indie-label Virgin Records, on 1994's metal-filled and still politically-charged Born Dead CD.

RIP Beatmaster V (1959-1996)
RIP Mooseman (1962-2001)
RIP D-Roc (1959-2004)

Body Count's In The House = censored video
There Goes The Neighborhood = censored video
Body Count = video
The Winner Lose = video
Body Count = full CD
MTV spotlight in 1992
Interview with Ice-T in 1992
Live on Arsenio Hall in 1992
Live at CBGBs in 1991
Cop Killer live at Lollapalooza in 1991
Live in L.A. in 1992




Alternative-Metal 1992

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